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Welcome to Istanbul! Here is everything you want to know about Istanbul’s vibrant and colorful city life! You can find articles explaining to you different aspects of city life from travel to business. The top things to do, the best universities to apply to, the most popular hair plantation center, and so much more. Follow our blog to be up to date and you love the contents we prepared for you. Let’s start!...


During recent years, many business-owners have broadened their horizons to Istanbul. This is because Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city with many job opportunities. In this section, you can find what you need to know in order to open a business. From work permits to employment laws, here is all you need to know in order to open a business in Istanbul. Read More....


Many health tourists prefer Istanbul for healthcare, and this is not a coincidence. Istanbul hosts world-known professionals in the health sector. In this section, you can find more information about healthcare in Istanbul and Turkey in general. From medical insurance in Turkey to what are the healthcare stats of Istanbul, you can explore opportunities for yourself. Read More....

Why Should You Choose Istanbul For Cosmetic Surgery?

The costs are the primary reason why you should get cosmetic surgery in Istanbul. Plastic surgery in Istanbul is extremely affordable! You’ll be surprised to discover that the majority of cosmetic surgery prices in Istanbul are very reasonable. Rates in Istanbul range from 50% to 70% less than those in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This is why the majority of tourists go to Istanbul to get cosmetic surgery. 

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Are you coming to Istanbul for studying purposes? You must have some things to learn about student life, then. In this category, you can find essential information regarding the daily life of students. You can learn more about Turkish culture, the places students hang out, and more. Istanbul is a lively city, especially for students. Here is everything you need to know about students! Read More....

Top Universities in Istanbul

Turkey has 203 universities as of 2020, with 10 state universities and 40 private institutions in Istanbul alone. Istanbul, being Turkey’s largest city, is home to the country’s oldest, largest, and most successful universities.

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About City

Istanbul is a living city, all day and night long. In Istanbul, you will find many events and festivals happening throughout the year. Discover the beautiful tulips of the tulip festival, or learn more about the art events. Music festivals, too, bring a whole other layer of beauty to this culturally rich city. In this section, you can find more information about the events, their time periods, and where they take place. Read More....

Traditional Turkish Desserts

With its numerous cultural and economic acquaintances, wide culinary tradition and customs, Turkey has a plethora of desserts.

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Guided Hagia Sophia Mosque Tours

Learn essential information and interesting facts about the Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul with the guided tours that fit your desires perfectly. Book tickets for best prices and have the cultural adventure of a lifetime with guided Hagia Sophia Mosque Tours!

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Explore the city’s most important attractions such as Hagia Sophia, inhale the warm breeze of Bosphorus and get ready for some shopping! Discover the possibilities and get informed before your Istanbul trip with Read More....