Today, Istanbul Government tries its best to spread Turkish culture around the world and increase the awareness of it whether inside Istanbul or outside it at international events. Actually, when you walk through the streets of Istanbul you will find read the following line “ Kultur Merkezi “ in any district which means culture center, and if you enter one of them you will find many facilities such as theatre, library, bookstore, and some have cinema hall in it.

While some cultural centers are small serve only the neighborhood next to it, some other culture centers are big to offer services and host national or international events for big number of people. Events can be musical, art and painting events, lectures, and social events.  Here are some of the famous culture centers in Istanbul.

Istanbul Foundation For Culture And Arts Center – Iksv:

Probably one of the most famous culture centers in Istanbul or even in Turkey. The Foundation is a non-profit foundation that organizes festivals and cultural events of music, theatre, jazz, and films. The foundation also hosts artistic and cultural events in its main culture and art center and presents an exclusive collection of items from different regions around the world.
The IKSV center is located in Beyoglu district and it is open for everyone.

New Ataturk Cultural Center:

Ataturk Cultural Center will be a cultural landmark to replace Taksim ataturk cultural center, the center will be open soon and will be able to host around 2.500 people inside. It will mainly serve as an opera house but also will have a theatre, cinema hall, libraries, design workshops, Restaurants, and many exhibition halls
With 800 seats for theatre, 1000 seats for conference halls, 250 seats for cinema. And 250 seats for each smaller theatres, new Ataturk Cultural Center will be magnificent.

According to Culture and Tourism Minister Numan Kurtulmus the architecture and all building materials will be infigenous which considered on of the most important features of the building.

Akbank Sanat (Akbank Art):

It was founded in 1993 and through the years it has made a significant contribution and collaboration in the development process of Turkish culture and art. Akbank center has rich and a lot of programs that changes every month. In fact, It has hosted more than 700 events and festivals in music, art, children workshop, filmigs, and many other events that helped many people to grow and go international.

The Akbank Art center is located in Istiklal Street, Beyoglu district.

Borusan Muzik Evi (Borusan Music House):

Located in Istiklal Street, Beyoglu district in a building that was originally built in 1875.  It does not only offer music events, thanks to its high capacity concert hallsexhibition halls, and art venues Borusan Music house offers a wide range of cultural services and educational programs for kids and adults. Beside that, its comprehensive library is station that all music lovers must stop at it and for orchestra fans, you should not miss the Istanbul Borusan Philharmonic Orchestra (BIPO) they host events in the center and sometimes offer special experimental musical groups.

Hodjapasha Cultural Center:

Located in Sirkeci near the Hagia Sophia. Hodjapasha Cultural center offer Traditional Dance shows, mainly the Rumi dance shows.
Hodjapasha was originally Hamam, and you can tell that from its design and the bathing hall it it. The building is old and historical but with modern purple and white modern lights it has became one of the most attractive places. The most famous show of its shows is whirling dervish, everyone has agreed on the great time a person could have when visiting, because the seats are so close to the dancers in a way you can feel yourself one of them.
Hodjapasha Cultural Center is on of the most important Cultural Centers that you most visit.

Many other Cultural and Art centers and venues are available in Istanbul for everyone and offer a lot of events in music, art, film making, theatres, education programs, design workshops, children’s workshops, and many other events that collaborate in spreading and increasing the awareness of Turkish Culture, and sharing and exchanging other cultures from around the world, and helping the new artists to grow nationally or internationally.