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Discover Istanbul! Here you can find everything you need to know about Istanbul. Learn more about the deep history of Istanbul and the vibrant life of the city today. Read More

If it is your first time, then save the General Info section in your bookmarks, you’ll need it. In the Currency& Banking section, you will find valuable information for all your banking questions. In the What's On section, we'll help you keep up with the vibrant and colorful life in Istanbul; you can find events, festivals, marathons, concerts, and many more here. Let’s start to discover!

About Istanbul

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Everything you need to know about İstanbul! From Nature to Culture, we gathered all the important things you need to know about this amazing city!

History of Istanbul

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Discover the amazing and deep history of Istanbul! Understanding the history of the city will enlighten your trips around the historical places.

General Info

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Istanbul is a big city! Don't worry, we have gathered all the necessary information to make your life easier as a tourist.

Currency & Banking

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Currency of Turkey, how to use your credit cards in Istanbul, and how to exchange money in İstanbul. Everything you need to know about Currency & Banking in İstanbul!

Turkish Language Basics

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In Istanbul, locals speak Turkish. Although there are many people who know English, it's always better to know one more language: so why not Turkish?

Whats on Istanbul

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Istanbul has a vibrant and rich city life. Here you can see and share events, openings, sports events, concerts, and many more happening in Istanbul.