Istanbul is well-known for its festivals, concerts, and unique events, which reflect the city's vibrant spirit, beauty, and distinctiveness. So, what's in Istanbul? Every season of the year, there is a lot to do in Istanbul. Therefore, do not worry and check the lists of events, festivals, and concerts that you can attend!

Festivals in Istanbul 

How about attending a two-day festival? Chill-Out is one of the most extraordinary events to dance and listen to electronic and pop music! A lovely atmosphere, different genres of music, several stages with different concepts, activities that you can enjoy the most, and some workshops are waiting for you at this festival in June!

Fans of the blues, rejoice! Every July, the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts hosts the International Jazz Festival, which lasts three weeks. Discover Istanbul's spirit through the most bizarre sounds! You will be overjoyed to witness the performances of the world's top jazz, soul, and blues artists.

The Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim Race, one of Istanbul's most exciting events, takes place every July! It is an international swimming race organized by the Turkish Olympic Committee. It is one of the few events that allows swimmers to swim across the Bosphorus from Asian to European sides!

Tulip Festival, one of the most beautiful festivals in Istanbul, will be painting your eyes with their splendor! Have you ever wondered why tulips were so important in both the Ottoman and modern eras? The tulip is an Ottoman symbol representing perfect love, power, and wealth. As a result, every year when the tulips bloomed, a spectacular party was held! Join the Tulip Festival in the last three weeks of April to learn about Istanbul and its history.

Other Events In Istanbul 

What about a festival that will make your ears cheerful? This summer will be extraordinary thanks to the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts' International Music Festival in Istanbul. For Istanbul's International Music Festival, some of the city's most historic locations, including the Hagia Irene Museum, Sureyya Opera House, Rahmi Koç Museum, and others, will open their doors and welcome you to witness outstanding performances leading international and local artists. Breathing in the historical atmosphere and listening to great concerts will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Do not worry if you can't make it to the International Jazz Festival in July. In October, there will be another Jazz Festival to take part in! In October, Akbank, one of Turkey's most prestigious banks, organizes a 10-day Jazz Festival. Akbank's Jazz Festival, such as the International Jazz Festival, makes it possible for you to see world-renowned jazz artists!

Opera lovers are also in for a treat! The International Istanbul Opera Festival by the General Directorate of State Opera and Ballet is held annually in the summertime and offers a sight for eyes and ears. Each year they organize it in a spectacular place where you can listen to fantastic music, sometimes open-air, and get amazed by the beautiful places Istanbul has to offer.

A festival for readers!

Here's a book lover's festival that takes place every November! The International Book Fair in Istanbul lasts eight days! At this festival, you can buy books from over 500 exhibitors from Turkey and around the world! You can also participate in workshops led by notable writers and a variety of events and other cultural activities!

One of Istanbul's leading art festivals, the International Theater Festival, takes place every two years and lasts two weeks. It is organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts. You can enjoy the theater festival and several side events such as dance performances and workshops in the districts of Beyoglu, Beşiktaş, Fatih, Üsküdar, and Kadıköy...

Who doesn't enjoy trying different delicacies from various cultures? Every December, the Istanbul International Gastronomy Festival is held for gastronomy and world cuisine enthusiasts! Visitors to this festival will have the opportunity to sample various flavors from around the world and Turkish cuisine, which is an essential part of Turkish culture! The international gastronomy festival also includes a chef competition! You have three days to sample delectable flavors!

Another important festival in Istanbul is the Akbank Short Film Festival. With this festival, Akbank Sanat (Art) encourages short film production and connects short films with audiences; it supports filmmakers! Akbank's Short Film Festival lasts ten days, and you can see it in March at Akbank Sanat Art Venue in Beyoglu!

Istanbul's International Puppet Festival is an 11-day fantastic festival for art and puppet lovers held each year at various venues in Istanbul's Beyoglu district and the Naval Museum in Besiktas. You can enjoy the puppetry brought from all over the world, as well as a variety of events such as puppet shows, film shows, video shows, conversations, puppet-making workshops, and so on!

Istanbul's Intercontinental Marathon is a one-of-a-kind event that is also the only one in the world that is held on two continents. Volunteers must be signed up. A Fun Run begins on the Asian side of the Altunizade Bridge and ends between the Besiktas Stadium and the Dolmabahce Palace.

Recently, it has been observed that exposition centers are very busy, and that people are highly interested in visiting them. The majority of people are unaware of where exposition centers are situated in Istanbul, how many exhibition centers are in the city, or how to get to these places. In today’s post, we’ll inform you about Istanbul’s most significant exhibition centers and where they’re situated. 

Istanbul Exhibitions & Fairs

Cnr Expo

After TÜYAP Exposition Venue, CNR EXPO is Istanbul’s second most popular exhibition center. The center was extended with the inauguration of the second hall in 1997, the third and fourth halls in 1998, and halls 5,6,7, and 8 in 2000, after the exhibition first opened in 1985. The exposition center has a total size of 150,000 square meters, with a total open space of 120,000 square meters. It includes one indoor parking garage and two uncovered parking garages with a total capacity of 7,500 vehicles. Many people are interested in the exhibition’s varied activities, and it draws thousands of visitors each year who want to invest in Turkish goods of all sorts and varieties. 

CNR EXPO is situated in the Bakrköy District of Yeşilköy. The metro is an option for getting to the CNR EXPO. Take the metro to Ataturk Airport (the airport is now closed, but the region is still named Ataturk Airport) and get out at DTM-Istanbul Expo Center station to easily access CNR EXPO. 

Istanbul Congress Center

The Istanbul Congress Center is one of Istanbul’s most important exposition centers. This exposition hosts a significant number of local and worldwide exhibits as well as major business events. The Istanbul Congress Center is an eight-story structure with a 120 thousand square meter of floor space. Because of its prominent position in Istanbul, this facility drew a lot of attention. The Istanbul Congress Center is also one of Istanbul’s exposition centers, able to accommodate a huge number of people at once. 

The Istanbul Congress Center is situated in the Sisli neighborhood of Istanbul. By using the Taksim or Haciosman metro stations, you may easily reach the Istanbul Congress Center, which is situated between the Taksim and Nisantasi districts. By boarding any Taksim-bound bus, you may easily reach Istanbul Congress Center. 

Tüyap Exhibition Center

Tüyap Exposition and Congress Facility, which was opened in 1996 in Istanbul, is an exhibition and conference center. The center includes a total of 60,000 square meters of enclosed space, 60,000 square meters of open display space, and 14 exhibition rooms. On September 14, 2020, the Turkish Standards Institute awarded Tüyap Exhibition and Convention Center the COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate. 

Tüyap Exposition Center is one of Istanbul’s most well-known exhibition venues. Because of the exhibition’s significance at the local and worldwide levels, many individuals, including Turkish and international investors, are very interested in participating in its activities.

Frequently Asked Question

1-Who hosts the Istanbul Jazz Festival?
Istanbul Foundation of Culture and Arts hosts the Istanbul Jazz Festival.
2- How long does the International Puppet Festival take place in Istanbul?
The puppet festival lasts 11 days in Istanbul.
3-When does the Istanbul Theater Festival Happen?
The theater festival in Istanbul takes place every two year.
4-Where do festivals happen in Istanbul?
Festivals in Istanbul happen around many places, especially in Beyoglu and Kadikoy.
5-Is there an Opera in Istanbul?
Yes, Istanbul has an Opera building and an Opera festival.