The liveliest place of business life in Turkey is Istanbul, so there is migration to Istanbul from many cities. In addition, Istanbul has several well-established universities in the country, so this city also accommodates many students. For this reason, Istanbul is also home to the most preferred entertainment venues for students and working people. As nightlife never stops, you can find popular nightclubs in every district of Istanbul. You will experience a night you will never forget with dancing, music, and variety shows.

If we said that Turkey’s most colorful and largest entertainment venues are located in Istanbul, we would not be wrong. The city of Istanbul is a cultural mosaic. It hosts popular places for many people, regardless of whether they are local or foreign. Although the most popular of these places are nightclubs, if you are a tourist who decides to explore Istanbul, you can always choose Irish Pubs, wine houses, taverns, and bars. 


Istanbul offers its visitors world-class entertainment and nightlife activity with its lively nights, fine restaurants, music clubs, theaters and concerts, nightclubs, bars, and pubs. If you are a tourist who has just arrived in the city of Istanbul and wants to have more fun than you have ever had, you should study the nightclubs in detail! When you come to this city, you can come across everything in the name of history, art, entertainment, dance, and music. There are several famous districts in Istanbul where you can experience the nightlife, dance, watch the shows of favorite DJs and witness the dance shows. Istanbul has a unique beauty with its structure connecting two continents. You can experience different places on the European and Anatolian sides and visit as many nightclubs as you want overnight.

Visit points such as Taksim, Istiklal Street, Galata, and Asmalimescit in the Beyoglu district on the European side, and you will find the best and most fun nightlife centers. In addition, you will encounter noisy nightclubs, and music sound never stops at points such as Iskele Street, Bahariye Street, Caddebostan Bar Street in Kadıköy district, which is famous for its entertainment venues. If you want to visit more fashionable and luxurious places, you should visit the Bebek or Etiler.

Nightclubs of Istanbul

You have come to Istanbul, you have learned about some districts and essential points that are the center of nightlife, now it’s your turn to learn about the best nightclubs. Suppose you are not enough for dancing, music, and entertainment. You want to experience the best aspects of nightlife in Istanbul. Let’s look at the best nightclubs in the city together and share some details that will interest you!

Sortie- Beşiktaş

Sortie is one of the famous nightclubs in Istanbul, where fun, dancing, and music are going on 24/7. Sortie, which means ‘Exit’ in French, is an environment where you can enjoy the busy pace of daily life. Dance and activity do not stop for four seasons in this nightclub, where the best sense of humor and entertainment prevails. Your fascination with the view of the Bosphorus Bridge is also one of the best aspects of the place.

Babylon Bomonti- Şişli

Babylon Bomonti, located in the Şişli district of Istanbul, reflects the city’s understanding of entertainment and has been coloring its nightlife for many years. You will be fascinated by all kinds of music and dance in this place where you will encounter crowds every time you go, and you will discover performances by foreign artists. Located in Bomontiada, this venue is one of the best nightclubs in Istanbul. It has also been used as a multi-purpose show center since 2015.

Nardis Jazz Club- Beyoğlu

Nardis Jazz Club is a nightclub very close to Galata Tower, one of Istanbul’s best and most popular historical architecture. This nightclub, which directs jazz music in Istanbul’s nightlife, will experience a concert atmosphere where music and musicians are featured. You should visit the place to immerse yourself in jazz music, dance, and have fun in the different atmospheres of Istanbul.

360 Istanbul- Beyoğlu

360 Istanbul is one of the best entertainment venues and always crowded nightclubs in Beyoğlu. 360 Istanbul, which hosts famous artists and DJs from abroad, turns into a nightclub on weekends with its live shows. For those who want to experience music, entertainment, different cultures, dance, delicious food, and more in Istanbul, this nightclub is one of the best options.

Lucca- Beşiktaş

When we talk about the most popular nightclubs in Istanbul, it is impossible not to mention Lucca! Lucca is one of the most luxurious and preferred high society venues in the city. Offering international cuisine and performing by DJs from world artists, this nightclub has been one of the most exciting venues in the city for many years. When you visit Istanbul, don’t forget to visit Lucca, one of the best places.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the nightlife like in Istanbul?
The bustling nightlife in Istanbul is always exciting and thrilling.
Does Turkey have a good nightlife?
Istanbul is one of the most enjoyable cities to go clubbing with friends.
Does Turkey have a red light district?
Zürafa street, established in the 19th century, serves as the oldest red-light district in Istanbul.
Is alcohol legal in Istanbul?
Yes. Everyone over the age of 18 can buy alcohol.
Where is lively in Turkey?
Many cities in Turkey have a vibrant nightlife including Istanbul, Marmaris, Bodrum and Antalya.