Istanbul is a great destination, don't let it be the 'never-been-place' in your bucketlist. Traveling to Istanbul, popular day trips to nearby places, public transportation through the city.

Everything you need for traveling around Istanbul, here we have all the necessary information for you. Don’t get lost on the internet, here are all the answers you are looking for.

8 Hours Layover In Istanbul

Delicious food, historical buildings and places, cultural events and shows, the beautiful nature, and many other things make this city the perfect choice for everyone. So if happens to you that you land in istanbul for a layover even for 8 hours then smile, it’s your lucky day.

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Stay Connected to the Internet in Turkey!

Skip the roaming charges! Explore Turkey's vibrant culture with ease. This guide unlocks local SIM cards, hidden Wi-Fi gems & more for seamless digital adventures.

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The Princes of Istanbul: A Historical Overview

The island was once the exile for Trocki. On the highest hill of the island is the Aya Yorgi Church. On the way to the church, you may notice many ropes tied to trees. A pilgrimage point for Christians, this church is haunted by many people from all religions, who believe that their wishes could be realized, every year especially on 23 April and 24 September.

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