Love is spread everywhere in Istanbul and you can tell that when you walk through its street, didn’t you see any vendor singing and dancing while selling 1 dollar simit? Or a waitress who is extremely happy that he’s serving your food? If you did not notice that then you must have seen a young couple holding hands under the rain on a romantic evening, maybe a husband and wife celebrating their anniversary in a small Cafe beside the Bosphorus, or some old couple sitting in some old shabby Cafe drinking hot Turkish tea. Well, this is Istanbul. The city that never sleeps but gives you a space to have a lovely romantic time with your partner, especially if you are newly married.


So if you are about to get married we have two things to tell. May god help you, and istanbul is the best city to spend your honeymoon at

First of all we both know you want to spend lovely romantic time so i am not going to offer you a day at the ancient Hagia Sophia museum or Salt Galata Art Gallery. keep it romantic, maybe wild sometimes but do not waste your time looking at pictures and statues inside museums, it is only a month before getting back to the same routine job..

Book a hotel at the heart of Istanbul in Sultan Ahmet district to stay near famous touristic places and main transportation lines, and make sure you book a king size bed.

Spend the first two days walking around the old city where you can take some pictures beside the Blue mosque and Hagia Sophia, you can also buy a ticket to get inside the famous TopKapi palace it is really amazing from inside, and finish the day having a delicious dinner at one of the restaurants’ terraces that view over the Bosphorus. The view is absolutely charming and will make both of you and your partner happy.

Next, get yourself a couple of days off the traffic of Istanbul at the princes islands. Believe me, you guys are going to spend an unforgettable time there, ride a horse to the top of the hill, walk between the trees, tell each others how happy you are to be together, take some pictures, until you reach the famous restaurant there and try the famous Turkish kebap with a cold soft drink because it is very delicious. Wait till the sunset and take advantage of the breathtaking view of sun melting in the sea, at that moment grab your partners hand and express your ultimate love.

On the second day at princes islands, go to the beach to swim and get some tante under the worm sun.

So far so good.. Your partner is happy, you are happy, life is good, it is time to get wild.

Join one of the dance festivals, maybe the Chill Out Festival in Sariyer District where you can dance in an open park to pop music with your partner, chill out drinking a soft drink, and go wild just make sure not to get drunk we need one of you to stay awake…

At night, go to Pierre Loti hill where you can sit at one of the cafes there to drink a delicious cup of Turkish coffee while enjoying the romantic beautiful view of Golden Horn. just like Hollywood movies, look at your partner’s eyes and tell the magic word “ I Love You”

Next morning, get up early if you can and hit the road toward Ortakoy Square under the Bosphorus bridge to have your breakfast at one of the restaurants there. When you’re done, get a ticket on one of the Bosphorus tour cruises to see the most famous monuments and palaces of Istanbul city from the middle of the Bosphorus strait and when you get back spend some time around at the market next to the square where you can buy your partner a gift.

When the moon is down, stop doing whatever you are doing and go to have a classy dinner with your partner at one of the five stars restaurants next to the Bosphorus it is going to be the best way to end such a perfect day.

Of course, you can do more activities like visiting museums, palaces, and natural sights because Istanbul city has it all…