Route 1: Emirgan-Karaköy


When you have your breakfast, just get your favorite book of yours and take the path to Emirgan Park. Choose a pavilion with a pretty color and take a seat. Reading books gives the biggest joy in this park and do not forget to order tea, of course! Also excellent options for pleasure are Emirgan Sütiş and Çınaraltı Kahvesi. Sakip Sabanci Museum is waiting for you to visit before taking a bus.

Now it’s time to move to Bebek, an appealing seaside district renowned for its waffle shops, after enjoying the serenity. The delicious waffles of Kemal Usta can create you more energetic for the remainder of the day in Bebek. You can see Bebek Park and the historic Arab Republic of Egypt General Consulate as you walk.

Take a long walk by the sea and breathe the salty and fresh air, after getting off the bus to Beşiktaş.  Beşiktaş has very appealing alternatives like the Istanbul Naval Museum and the Beşiktaş Arcade. You can even find Beşiktaş football team supporters chanting slogans with their team uniforms if it’s a match day. You can feel like a Besiktas club fan by visiting the stadium with Besiktas stadium tour. Feel rejuvenated by the sea perspective fronting Üsküdar.

You’re heading to Beyoğlu with a bus after Beşiktaş and starting your hike from Taksim SquareWalking down Istiklal Street and experiencing the hectic atmosphere, Galata Tower seems to reveal its centuries-old story. When you reach Karaköy, it’s already evening. Karaköy is the Historical Peninsula neighbor with its historical origins showing itself as you stroll along Bankalar Avenue and ancient office blocks. Karaköy was described by Italian writer Edmondo de Amicis as “a place where the whole of Istanbul goes from sunrise to sunset, in the form of a thousand colorful waves, as if it were a parade.”

Thinking you’re getting hungry, Karaköy Restaurant is the ideal place to have a meal that gives you the chance to taste the Turkish cousine and experience it locally. Mükellef Karaköy will be offering you its menu prepared by famous chef Arda Türkmen with a wide variety of tastes. Get yourself a drink at DiVine at the end of the day and feel calm with quality jazz music.

Route 2: Çengelköy-Bostanci


Nostalgia in Çengelköy is one of Istanbul’s musts as the nostalgic atmosphere surrounds you and more than ever remembers your memories in the fall. The most popular locations to visit in Çengelköy are the streets of old pavilions as relics of centuries, chocolatiers and creamery shops. If you want to drink tea and watch the sea view, the seaside benches are excellent options. The Church of Aya Yorgi welcomes you for a historic time lapseSutiş Abdullah Ağa Yalısı is popular in his menu for breakfast for all types of omlettes.

Kadıköy provides its lengthy shoreline to Üsküdar and Maltepe if you want to get lost in the roads of Asian (Anatolian) Side. Kadıköy Pier is the first stop. Step into Kadıköy Arcade after getting off the ferry where you can find a small bazaar, shops, cafés and restaurants. You are welcomed as you go deeper by the renowned Bull Statue and Nostalgic Tram. Walk to the seaside, towards Moda. Moda’s seaside is full of people, especially young adults during holidays and weekends. Now it’s your time to enjoy the beauty after discovering a room on the grass. Follow Kalamış and get to Fenerbahçe Parkı. You can rent a bicycle as an enjoyable transportation option.

Feeling refreshed, head for Baghdad Avenue. This avenue is renowned for its shops selling world-renowned products and its length extending across Kadıköy. The pier appears after leaving this appealing center, wandering to the seaside. Prince Islands can be readily reached and your journey expanded.


  • -Film Ekimi
  • -Ekim Festivali
  • -Fazıl Say at Concert
  • -Sophie Zelmani

While choosing the locations and length of the routes as you wish, do not forget to experience Turkish culture with Whirling Dervishes Show.

Both sides host the history of Istanbul with their still-unknown mysteries. To explore more  you may prefer Üsküdar & Kadıköy tours or Istiklal Street-Beyoğlu tours.

Come enjoy Istanbul, the city that does not sleep!