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Istanbul is an amazing city not only for its history but also for its rich food culture. You can find not only great Turkish cuisine but food & drinks from all over the world. Read More

In this category, you can find various titles you need to know about what to eat and drink in Istanbul! Streets food of Istanbul, great Turkish foods to try, top fine-dining places, best restaurants in Istanbul and many more. Have fun and enjoy your meal!

Turkish Cuisine

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From kebabs to manti, and from salgam to raki, Turkish cuisine is packed with delicious and remarkable things for your taste buds to enjoy.

Traditional Turkish Foods

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Try out the world-famous traditional Turkish foods. Turkish foods have been evolving since the Turkish people started walking the Earth.

Best Street Food

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The Turkish cuisine is probably one of the most famous in the world because of its rich components. In fact, nearly all kinds of vegetables, fruits, meats, and spices are used in Turkish cuisine this what makes it a good choice for everyone. For the past ten years Turkey is number one destination for food tourists, people from all over the world visit Istanbul and other cities in Turkey to try both traditional and international food, and of course dining at the city’s most fashionable restaurants is a gift for your mouth and wife but can leave a hole in your wallet. Well, in Istanbul there is always another way in which you keep three of them happy, your mouth, your wife, and your wallet. Istanbul streets are full of food and deeply interwoven with Turkey’s food culture, while you walk through the street you will notice how many carts on the side of the street. Each vendor has their own spot and time, some of them work during winter seasons like SAHLEP vendors, and some work all year like SIMIT vendors, and what is interesting about Istanbul’s street food is that it’s clean, cheap, and everywhere. Here are some of the most famous street food in Istanbul:

Restaurant & Bars

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There are many great restaurants and bars in Istanbul. Visit Istanbul's best restaurants and bars to have amazing food, listen to great live music, and have fun.