What is Simit?

Simit, a daily food produced all over Turkey, has managed to become one of the most important parts of the culture and has never lost its popularity among the people for centuries. Generally consumed alone, simit can be eaten with cheese, tea, or jam when preferred for breakfast. It is also one of the indispensable parts of mixed breakfast tables. Today, simit can be prepared and sold in modern bakeries or sold in a wheelbarrow by peddlers on the streets.

Prepared as a practical food for passengers in Izmit, known as the accommodation area of ​​caravans coming to Istanbul or going east from Istanbul, simit can be considered one of the first examples of fast food with this feature. Simit preserved its recipe from centuries ago. It is regarded as one of the important legacies of the Ottoman Empire. The pretzels that those traveling in caravans take with them as snacks have been very effective in spreading its reputation over a wide area. This food, which preserves its taste until today and has an essential place among the people, is among the sought-after fast foods for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

Where Can I Eat Turkish Pretzels?

Simit is a delicacy you can find everywhere, in patisseries, cafes, restaurants serving breakfast, peddlers on the road! It is impossible not to come across this flavor, which is among the country's breakfast culture cornerstones. Baked all over the country, regardless of district or city, simit is indispensable for your breakfasts with its biscuit-like crunch

How to Make a Simit?

Yeast, one of the raw materials of simit, is dissolved in a glass of warm water. The use of fresh yeast is always better in terms of freshness and taste. For the yeast to hold well and rise, it needs to be rested for a few hours. In this way, the consistency of the dough will be perfect. Meanwhile, warm water is poured into a glass of water and brought to a homogeneous consistency with two spoons of molasses. Flour and fermented dough are taken into a kneading bowl. A sufficient amount of dough is taken, and the middle is opened and mixed with melted yeast and salt. Water mixed with molasses is added slowly, and the dough is started to be kneaded. Pieces of dough are cut off and rolled by hand to form a pretzel. 

A glass of water remaining in a deep bowl is mixed with a spoonful of molasses. Sesame seeds are distributed on a large plate or tray. Prepared dough is dipped in water with molasses and removed. The excess molasses is removed, and the remaining moist pretzels are thrown into the sesame. Simit dough, which has the same consistency as biscuits dough, becomes ready to be eaten. The tray in the oven is lightly oiled, and the pretzels are placed on the tray. It is cooked for a while in large, preheated ovens. It is served hot and crispy. Although making simit requires effort and effort, millions of simits are cooked and consumed daily all over the country.

What are the Simit Prices?

Turkish pretzels, one of the most delicious breakfast dishes in the country, are also one of the cheapest! This food, which costs only a few Turkish liras, is produced to add flavor to your mornings. Simit, whose price varies between 10 lira and 20 lira, can vary in taste according to the regions. The most famous simit recipe of the country is the Ankara simit recipe. Turkish pretzels, which are also produced in buttered versions, are the number one choice for those who want to experience a feast of taste at an affordable price.

What to Eat with Turkish pretzels?

Simit, one of the most popular breakfast items among Turkish dishes, is mostly eaten alone but can also be consumed with breakfast items such as ayran, cheese, tomatoes, and olives. At the same time, this food, which started to be served in the morning hours every day of the week, has become an indispensable part of Turkish culture. Turkish pretzels, served either in rings or sliced, are among the favorite snacks of sesame lovers. Turkish pretzels make the streets fragrant with their appetizing scent. Simit, which is started to be cooked in the early morning hours and is especially preferred by those who go to work, is one of the Turkish culture items that have the easiest recipe but the most difficult to make. 
What you eat with the simit is up to you, but you should know that the best Turkish pretzel is the crispy one! Whether a simit is fresh or not can be understood from both its smell and texture. For this reason, you can enjoy the taste in the best way by choosing pretzels that come out of the oven fresh in the morning. You can read our blog to discover Turkish snacks and Turkish breakfasts that can be eaten with simit and enjoy a long breakfast in the morning!

Frequently Asked Question

What does simit mean in Turkish?
Simit is a type of bread coated with molasses and seeds.
How do you eat Turkish simit?
You can eat Turkish simit with your hands, without any utensils.
Is simit same as bagels?
No, simit is not boiled like bagels. They are coated with molasses.
Is simit Greek or Turkish?
Simit originated in Turkey, and it is a sesame crusted, circular shaped bread.
Who invented Simit?
It is usually believed that simit was invented in Ottoman palaces, under the rule of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.