Istanbul is often known as the “never-sleeping city.” Throughout the year, the city’s eating, drinking, shopping, music, and entertainment scene, which includes a range of exciting events, concerts, festivals, art exhibits, and more, may be enjoyed. 



Nişantaşi is a western-style neighborhood in Istanbul’s central district. It was formerly the home of Turkish intellectuals such as Orhan Pamuk, but now it’s a neighborhood split into two sections: one dedicated to fashion and luxury goods, and the other more casual, where new urban lives are the standard. The Kozmonot, a bar providing hundreds of various types of beers and excellent drinks, is one of the locations we can recommend. It is a popular gathering spot for locals. 


Kadikoy is a big neighborhood on the Asian side of the city, where living is pleasant and easy. This is a fairly secular middle-class neighborhood that, despite its distance from the tourist traps, is well worth a visit! The easiest method to get there is to take the boat early in the evening and then take a dolmuş or cab back later (see “Our guide to public transportation”). You have a lot of options in the neighborhood, such as Arka Oda, a pub that often hosts live music in a rock & roll setting. 


Karaköy has been a gathering place for Istanbul’s hipsters and artists in recent years. 

Many tiny cafés, fashionable shops, and trendy bars may be found among the little craftsmen of another period. What makes Karaköy noteworthy is its closeness to the ancient town (Sultanahmet) and the Galata district, as well as the fact that most of the good spots are tucked away from the main axes. The clientele is mostly youthful and bohemian, and businesses do not need a certain dress requirement to gain entry. 


Arnavutköy is a popular District In Istanbul these days. This neighborhood, which was and still is the go-to spot for a delicious fish, has seen a slew of new tiny and trendy bars that are a great location to grab a drink and party after dinner. The major benefit of Arnavutköy is that you’ll never be disappointed by the turnout; it’s packed nearly every day of the week. Alexandra, which serves excellent handmade cocktails, An, the neighborhood’s most informal restaurant, and Hudson, a magnificent brasserie that transforms into a bar at night, are among our favorites. 

Bosphorus Is An Added Bonus!

If you go north along the Bosphorus on the European side, you will arrive at a highly affluent neighborhood that is home to the wealthy residents. Everything is luxurious, yet there are no tourists to be found. There are lots of excellent places to drink, particularly in the Bebek area, in addition to the lovely surroundings. You’ll discover Lucca, one of Istanbul’s most renowned bars and restaurants, where you may enjoy cocktails and fine wine while appreciating the finer things in life.