There are famous tourist attractions in Istanbul, such as the Bosphorus Bridge, Maiden's Tower, Hagia Sophia, and the Blue Mosque. But if you believe that you are also a gourmet besides an explorer, you should add the places of the city that make traditional Turkish foods to your travel guide.

Turkish Cuisine From The Ottoman Era

Istanbul is a city where many cultures coexist, and in this aspect, it is similar to Turkish cuisine. Turkish cuisine has been enhanced by many other cuisines from East to West and has emerged for hundreds of years. Ottoman cuisine also has a wide range of tastes, from sweet to savory food, using this synthesis of culture. Especially during the Ottoman Empire, dishes made in the palace kitchen have survived to the present day and have started to be made in our homes. The restaurants serving Ottoman cuisine located in Istanbul are an excellent tourist attraction for those who want to visit the city in this sense. If you don't want to leave Istanbul without having unforgettable meals, be sure to evaluate the travel opportunities you will have with the Istanbul Tourist Pass.

Let's sample a few Ottoman dishes that are unique foods of Turkish cuisine. We promise that you will fall in love with traditional Turkish food! To not say that you only eat "Kebabs or doner" in Istanbul, you should try a few of these dishes."Hünkar Beğendi," as the name implies, is a traditional Turkish food that has survived to the present day, coming out of the Ottoman Palace cuisine. Meat is one of the most essential ingredients used in Turkish cuisine, and famous restaurants located in Istanbul are also quite ambitious about meat. As for Hünkar Beğendi, the dish consists of eggplant, flour, and meat.

"Cherry Leaf Wrap" has become another unique taste that is one of the traditional Turkish foods. Especially in Ottoman cuisine, sweet, salty, and sour flavors are used together. If you say that I am vegan/vegetarian, this salty-sour dish may be just for your taste buds. With the Istanbul Tourist Pass, you can visit and get acquainted with Istanbul's most popular food tourist attractions.

list-of-popular-traditional-turkish-foodsTraditional Turkish Foods With Vegetables Or Meat

Although Turkish cuisine is famous for its dishes made with meat, it also has a large vegetable content due to the fertile soil of Turkey. Therefore, Turkish restaurants offer quite convenient and tasty opportunities for the way vegan/vegetarian tourists eat. For tourists who want to try traditional Turkish foods with meat, many restaurants provide various delicious and juicy dishes with meat.

One of the most famous vegetable dishes typical of Turkish cuisine is "Mujver," an excellent option for pumpkin lovers. Mujver is a vegetarian food option, but it turns out to be a delicious traditional Turkish food.

Cabbage wrap is another tasty traditional Turkish vegetable food that you can only find in Turkish cuisine, and it is made by putting rice in cabbage. We recommend that you try this relatively healthy and unique dish before you become prejudiced!

Eggplant is a staple vegetable that is often used in Turkish cuisine and was one of the indispensable food ingredients of the Ottoman Empire. For vegetable lovers, "Imambayıldı," another traditional Turkish food, is made with eggplant and colored with other vegetables such as tomatoes. Let's see a few examples of traditional Turkish foods made with meat, which are the most loved and consumed by tourists and are indispensable for the Turkish people. 

The first of these examples is Iskender Kebab, which consists of tasty ingredients such as yogurt, butter, cutting doner, and sauce. You can eat this traditional Turkish food, which got its name from the father of the recipe, in the most famous restaurants and artisan restaurants of Istanbul. Istanbul Tourist Pass offers you convenient opportunities and safe options for visiting the most popular tourist attractions while you enjoy Turkish cuisine.

Traditional Turkish Food Restaurants

The most famous restaurants of Istanbul allow you to eat traditional Turkish foods with the highest quality. One of the most important specialties of Turkish cuisine is to make the dishes delicious by using lots of traditional oils and delicious spices. You can also visit the Turkish restaurants serving these dishes and add taste to your family-made Istanbul trips by having an Istanbul Tourist Pass. Istanbul Tourist Pass offers you many sightseeing opportunities, saving you both time and money.

For those who want to try Turkish cuisine while watching Istanbul's natural beauties and historical sights, the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise is an excellent tourist attraction option. The Bosphorus Bridge is also famous internationally and among the most important places in the city. With the excursion options provided by Istanbul Tourist Pass, you can have a gastronomic experience with traditional Turkish foods and an opportunity to travel to Istanbul with the Bosphorus Dinner Cruise.

If you are looking for a famous and luxurious Turkish cuisine restaurant located in Istanbul, Beyti Istanbul is precisely the option you are looking for. Beyti Restaurant is located in the Küçükçekmece district of Istanbul and has been one of the most popular points of interest for domestic and foreign customers since the 1940s and is a fairly famous tourist attraction. Beyti Restaurant, with its stylish location and traditional Turkish food recipes passed from father to son, is one of the most famous restaurants in Istanbul

Frequently Asked Question

What is traditional Turkish food?
Traditional Turkish food can include kebab, iskender, tantuni, kokorec and more options.
How do you describe Turkish food?
Turkish food is usually described by tourists as spicy with lots of meat.
What is Turkey’s national drink?
Ayran, a drink made from yogurt and water, is considered the national beverage of Turkey.
What are three popular Turkish cuisines?
Baklava, Manti and Kebab are the most popular Turkish dishes.
What do Turkish people eat for dinner?
A traditional Turkish dinner may include Kebab, Ayran and Baklava for dessert.