Spend Your Day In Beyoğlu:spend Your Day In Beyoğlu:

During your Istanbul Visit, either you caught yourself in Beyoğlu during the day or night, both options are great, Beyoğlu during the day in an afternoon walk you will see district full of tourists and locals. First thing is walking through Taksim Square where you will find a beautiful atmosphere full of energetic people, plus you will see an entrance like festival where you will see a small bazaar filled with merchants from all over turkey selling beautiful handmade antiques and other crazy products you only see there. Once you finish from there walking down the Istiklal street which is one of the most popular streets of Istanbul, l is also a wonderful experience where on both sides of the street you will find world known brands and local stores filled with Turkish sweets and delights, after you finish walking down the street you look right you will the famous Galata Tower which attracts so many tourist because of its historical past and a wonderful view over Istanbul.

Visit Topkapi Palace & Sultanahmet District:

Topkapi Palace

Even if you are not a fan of history, you will automatically see yourself in love with Istanbul historic monuments and old districts.

One of the famous and popular is the Topkapi palace, it is the biggest historical site to visit in Istanbul where you will be amazed with its historical, architectural and cultural importance, it has 4 courtyards; the Audience Hall, Divan-the High Court, Historical kitchens, Royal Stables, the Treasury, and gardens, next is the Hagia Irene Church which also contains beautiful treasures from the ottoman empire, walking inside the Church is a wonderful family experience to check.

You can join Topkapı Palace: Skip the line Ticket with Guided Tour and enjoy your day with learning a lot of breathtaking historical knowledge.

Enjoy The Cruise & Sightseeing:

Yes! This is a must try experience for all tourists coming to Istanbul weather it’s in winter or summer.

Firstly, it will take you to the Spice Bazaar where the guides will explain to you the miracle of the herbs and spices, moving on to see the Rüstem Pasha Mosque and have a sightseeing tour for 90 minutes. The guide will be explaining everything your eyes catch on the route while the boat goes by the shores of Bosphorus, you will see the best view of Dolmabahçe Palace, Leander Tower, Two suspension bridges, Rumeli Hisari Fortress, and beautiful mansions by the shores of Bosphorus.

Bosphorus Cruise & Sightseeing tour would give you the energy and motivation you need. You can enjoy the fresh smell of the sea and discover a lot of magnificent place at the same time.

Visit Sealife Aquarium

Are you a fan of sea life? Then going to the first public aquarium in Turkey and one of the largest aquariums in Europe is your next destination.

Sealife Aquarium is located in Forum Istanbul shopping mall which is also a great place to shop for you and your family. Walking through the 83 m long underwater Ocean Tunnel which is the longest ocean tunnel in Istanbul, taking this underwater safari will make you feel the life of sharks and other wonderful sea life creatures. You can also dive and swim with them all.

The wonderful Karaköy

Karaköy is of the popular districts of Istanbul, Karaköy functions as a passage between Taksim and Peninsula, as well as the district is a way port for the ships in Istanbul.

Karaköy was located at the mouth of Golden Horn back in the Ottoman Empire, down from Galata Tower and to the east of Azapkapı region. It was one of the centers for trading and sea transportation.

The region is full of people, it is active throughout the day since it functions as a port for ferries travelling between the two sides of Istanbul. When you are in Karaköy you should go the restaurants by the seaside and eat fresh fish since they are really popular in this field.

Explore The Asian Side Of Istanbul (üsküdar & Kadiköy):

So are you still wondering What to Do In Istanbul? You won’t anymore.

Of course visiting Istanbul does not summarize the European side, the Asian side is as beautiful as the European side.

Üsküdar and Kadıköy both are famous for their historic mosques and complexes, where the ornate Beylerbeyi Palace sits in the shadow of the Bosphorus Bridge, plus the leafy Kuzguncuk neighborhood has a quiet, village feel and don’t forget the busy waterfront. Üsküdar is on the seashore it has a stunning sea view, after you finish your tour in Üsküdar, go to Kadıköy which is a residential neighborhood fame for its bustling fish and produce market offering Turkish pizza and more, you will see historical harbor buildings of Kadıköy and the narrow streets of the famous fish market and a decent quarter of Moda. The views from the Moda neighborhood’s shores stretch across the Sea of Marmara toward Sultanahmet.

The best way to discover these two amazing neighborhood is to take Asian Side of Istanbul: Üsküdar and Kadıköy Tour with the expert guides.

Istanbul.com has a lot of activities to check out, including activities for families and group tours. Have fun checking the exciting parts of Istanbul with your loved ones. Live the wonderful experience of touring around Istanbul.