The old city has a distinct rainy winter with the beautiful cloudy sky as well as the fallen crystal snow that covers the city with the magical white scene. Changing of climate gives the opportunity to deal with many activities in this big city.

Forests is considered one of the most popular destinations in Istanbul, where people could do such activities in the deciduous forests such as Belgrade forest. It is located at the easternmost point of the European side of Istanbul between Sariyer and Eyup. Jogging and hiking are common activities in the forest discovering paths at the same time enjoying the beautiful nature.

Also camping is a desirable activity, there are many camps and places where people go taking their own equipment or it can be hired from such places. Forests, coasts and mountains are prevalent destinations that people could visit. Tents can be pitched, campfire can be built, sky lanterns can be released, sports and physical activities can be done as well as kayaking and canoeing.

Istanbul has a magical scene when snow covers the beautiful city. You can start your day with the most delicious meal in the world; a Turkish Breakfast. Besides, having a glass of wine in the cold weather where there are many places that serve such an amazing one  like Bebek, Ortakoy, near Galata tower in Taksim square, Sultanahmet square while enjoying the fantastic Bosphorus views.

Istanbul also famous for its goods, clothes and the traditional things that you can buy from so many different places. In fact, spice bazar and the grand bazar are popular destinations visited by tourists besides big malls and shopping centres where famous brands can be found, cafes and restaurants.

Taking a walk by the sea is a good idea spending the cold evening staring at the pretty sunset with the snowy or rainy weather while Istanbul known for its paths near the sea. For example, Florya, Eminonu and Istinye in the European side as well as Uskudar, Kadikoy and Beykoz in the Asian side. Although enjoying the historic Beyoglu district at the well-known İstiklal avenue which is 1.4 kilometres long surrounded by late ottoman era buildings. Same as Baghdad avenue which is located on the Asian side about 14 kilometres almost parallel to the coastline of the sea of Marmara.

As well spending time in parks looking at the amazing diversity of flowers and trees such as Gulhane park which is located between Sirkeci and Sultanahmet where you can enjoy the peaceful environment, pools and the outdoors cafes nearby the Bosphorus. Although you can pass by the museum of the history of science and technology in Islam to see the evolution of Islamic civilizations through different scientific branches. Camlica hill also a great destination which is the highest hill about 265 meters above the sea level, located in the Asian side gives a panoramic view of the beautiful city.

Moreover, Istanbul is a notable city for its historic monuments and traditional spots as the city served for centuries as the capital of the most powerful empires through the whole time. Such as Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman empires. With this cultural and architectural diversity, you can find lots of sights and landmarks to visit. For instance, Hagia Sophia the site that combines the orthodox and the Islamic cultures together. Next to it, the last great mosque of the classical period The Blue Mosque. By the side, The imperial Topkapi palace.

One of the most adorable activities to do in the old city during the winter is the historic Turkish Bath (Hammams). There are dozens of baths but Cukurcuma ranked as the best. Built in 1830s with the wide dome and the heated marble which reflect the splendor and magnificence of the ancient era.

Through the years Istanbul city has been a destination for tourists and visitors from all around the world for its beauty, history and locality. The variety of activities and actions that could be done during the whole year put the interesting city at the top ranked destinations in the entire world.