One of the most important things you need to know about Istanbul is that the city constantly evolves and gets crowded. Therefore, it will be best for you to take precautions and spend your travels comfortably and peacefully. Let’s look at the general information about important phone numbers that will allow you to take precautions in advance during your trips to Turkey and make you feel safe together.

Emergency Numbers

You are a tourist, and you have just arrived in Istanbul, you want to feel safe, don’t you? So, let’s give you general information about emergency numbers that you can reach 24/7 in Turkey. 

112 Emergency Call Center: One Number for All Emergencies

Citizens can now seek help in emergencies by dialing the unified number 112. The "112 Emergency Call Centers" have been expanded nationwide. With the expansion of these centers, a total of 31,964,196 calls were answered within three months.

The Ministry unified several emergency numbers such as 110 for Fire Emergency, 112 for Medical Emergency, 155 for Police, 156 for Gendarmerie, 122 for Disaster and Emergency (AFAD), 177 for Forest Fire, and 158 for Coast Guard, under a single umbrella of 112.

As of 2023, 112 is the main and unified emergency number but the other numbers you can below are still open for calls. 

Still Operational Security Lines

155 is the first emergency number that should come to mind when you encounter incidents of theft, other crimes, and disruptive events. By calling this line, you can provide information about your complaint, report traffic accidents, and traffic rule violations, as well as general information about any crime.

110 is the first emergency number you should call if you have an emergency related to the fire department in Turkey. This important phone number tries to be with you instantly by directing you to the proper channels in cases related to fire, life safety, and so on.

156 belongs to another security force, the gendarmerie. You can call this important phone number for similar reasons that you will call the police. When you call this number from your mobile phone, you will reach the Gendarmerie center of the province you are in. If there is a possibility that someone will commit a crime, a crime has been committed, or any victimization you have suffered, be sure to call the gendarmerie and provide general information.

158 is the Coast Guard Notification and Request Line. It is an emergency number that people who are victims of dangerous situations at sea can call. In addition, you can report out-of-age affairs and suspicious behavior that you think you have encountered on the seas with this line. It is a substantial phone number, especially in Istanbul, which is an important center for the transition to Europe. 

Related to Health

112 Emergency Call Center is one of the important phone numbers that you should keep in mind. You can connect to many lines from this emergency number. It is important to call the emergency number 112, even if you also speak a foreign language, in case of an emergency. This important phone number will direct you to other numbers for ambulance, police, gendarmerie, fire department, and forest fire notification.

122 is one of the most important phone numbers in terms of public order and humanitarian assistance. It will be in your best interest to keep this number in mind. This emergency number is used as a Disaster and Emergency (AFAD) Call Center. There are always teams on standby for disasters and other emergencies occurring in the country. AFAD’s teams are among the numbers that you should call for life safety in cases such as earthquakes, fires, and floods.

The emergency number 182 is the Central Hospital Appointment System line and is another important phone number related to your health. 

Thanks to this line, you can see online hospital services provided to you when you have a health problem. You can make an appointment by choosing your doctor and hospital. 

Other Important Emergency Numbers

  • Emergency number 177 is one of the important phone numbers that you should keep in mind in Turkey because it is a Forest Fire Warning line. The mountainous and green areas of the country are abundant and are where people like to go. So, that is why it is an important task to cope with forest fires and help extinguish them.

  • 183 is another support line and is one of the preventive phone numbers regarding social support and women’s safety. This line has been developed as a service where people of all ages and genders and people with disabilities can call and get guidance and counseling services.

  • The number 157 is one of the very important phone numbers, especially for foreigners and those who have problems speaking the Turkish language. The most general information that we can give about this line is that foreigners can get consulting services from the languages of Turkish, Persian, English, Russian, Arabic, and German. This line is called the Foreigners Contact Center, and it is vital to use it if you are a tourist and have problems with the language.

  • 175 Consumer Complaints emergency number is an important phone number related to your consumer rights that will arise due to the purchases you will make when you come to Turkey. You can send your problems related to the products you consume and the complaints you want to convey via this line. They will also refer you to the relevant authorities dealing with consumer disputes at this emergency center.

  • 186 Electrical Fault Line is one of the important phone numbers used by foreigners and tourists, especially in Turkey and crowded places such as Istanbul. Thanks to this emergency number, you can make an electrical fault notification and determine your power outage times.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the ambulance service number in Istanbul?
112 is the ambulance service number in Istanbul.
What is the police service number in Istanbul?
155 is the police number for all around Turkey.
What is the electrical fault line in Istanbul?
If you are experiencing electrical faults in your street, you can call 186 in Istanbul.
What is the phone number for foreigners in Istanbul?
If you are having a hard time speaking Turkish, you can call 157 to talk about your issues with someone who can speak your language.
What is the fire department phone number in Istanbul?
In case of fire, you can call 110 in Istanbul to reach the fire department.