But what if we want to break the wheel and have some fun outside of the city away, Istanbul never fails you! Because it has always a lot of places and adventures that you may want to consider living.


The first place that comes to mind when we mention the places around Istanbul is Bursa, not because it is not so far away from Istanbul, but it has the Uludağ mountain too which makes almost the perfect journey to travel to. It is only a 154 kms away from Istanbul, the road is amazing and you will pass the Marmara Sea using the ferryboat, which adds a small magical touch to the road while going and coming back. In Bursa you may go around the city a bit, taste some food from the local restaurants there, but our big concern is really the Uludağ mountain. The most famous thing in Bursa is Uludağ cable car because it stands out with 9 km distance which makes the longest car cable in Turkey and the world. It picks you up from the center of Bursa until the high mountain of Uludağ’s, which makes it really the perfect opportunity to get amazing pictures whether in the snowy winters or the sunny shiny summers. In Uludağ there are a lot of activities to do, hikingskiing and more! There are a lot of quality restaurants, coffees and bars to enjoy and have fun check our tour to enjoy all that and more . If you get late never worry because you will find hotels there too, so don’t worry and just have fun!

Belgrad Forest (Belgrad Ormani):

Belgrad is a big relaxing soul-healing forest located in Istanbul, it is located around 40 km away from the heart of Istanbul Taksim Square. Belgrad has a lot to do too, you can pick your Turkish tea-pot and coffee thermos and go there to enjoy the early fresh morning. It is a very suitable place for picnics too, it has many barbeque places, so you may pick up the Turkish breakfast from Sarıyer Börekçesi and have your meal at Belgrad, and then prepare the barbeque equipment with your friends and family. It is worth to mention that Belgrad has a lot of different views too, between the big trees or in front of the big shiny lake which makes a really calm beautiful place to visit.

Adalar (Princess Islands):

The Princess Islands is a very touristic and common yet amazing place to visit and get fresh, it is easy to go to, you can pick a boat from a lot of places from Istanbul, the most known one is from Kabataş because it is close to Taksim Square. The journey takes about one and a half hour using the ferries. The ferry goes through the islands and stops on one of them where you can enter and start walking around and having fun. You will never get bored on the island because you have a lot to do. There is a very old church, hagia Yorgi Church, which had been built in 1751, and there is a free museum with an amazing view on the sea which is Sait Faik Abasıyanık. Also, there are some restaurants which serve a very good quality Turkish food and seafoods. Never less, the very famous ice-cream shop named Prinkipo, it has a very good reputation and is almost a must to taste the ice-cream from that place. If the weather is suitable you may consider going to the sand beach to enjoy getting some tan under the sun and a great place for swimming in Isatnbul. With all these places and more you will find yourself passing an amazing quality time day before heading back to your hotel to get some rest before the next journey check our islands tours to enjoy all that and more.