Hotels, apartments, commercial facilities, a hospital, a library, a museum, a cultural center, and a carnival are all located at Istanbul Airport. There is also a children’s playground on the airside of the departures area. It contains everything you need! 


Flight Procedures And The Station

Through its massive station, Istanbul Airport has served both local and international aircraft passengers. The station may be accessed via seven different gates. There are over 500 comptoirs available to assist you with your check-in and baggage procedures. In addition, for foreign flights, there are 228 passport checks. It is recommended that you arrive at least 3 hours before your flight to be on the safe side. You may use your time anyway you choose, whether it’s at the library reading books or in one of the cafés drinking coffee! 

How To Get To The New Airport?

Taxis, private cars, and buses may all be used to get to the new airport, which is situated in Arnavutkoy on Istanbul’s European side. There are other businesses that provide unique transportation services.

Taksim Square, Istanbul’s most visited attraction, is 40 kilometers distant. If you prefer to go by vehicle, there is plenty of parking available, as well as car washes and fuel stations. 

Shopping In Istanbul Airport

The most essential and enjoyable part has here! When it comes to eating and shopping at Istanbul Airport, you have a plethora of choices! You may simply choose one of the 150 food and beverage points that have been specially prepared for you! There are coffeehouse chains, cafés, restaurants, and buffets waiting for you on foreign flights, in addition to fast-food businesses. 

You may also explore the two exhibition areas: the picture exhibition of Ara Guler, the renowned photographer dubbed “the Eye of Istanbul.” In addition, there is a Victory Monument Exhibition that depicts the airport’s development. 

Shopping options abound at the airport as well. While there are numerous duty-free stores on foreign flights, there are also cosmetic and apparel shops on local flights that you will undoubtedly fall in love with. Remember that duty-free stores provide discounts on numerous brands! This includes, among other things, pharmacies and bookshops. If you are searching for something to do while waiting for your flight, you have the option of doing all that you can do at a shopping mall. You may have a great dinner, browse a bookshop, and purchase thoughtful presents for your loved ones. The new Istanbul Airport is already open!