Istanbul is one of the few business capitals of the world hosting many investment opportunities and a vibrant business environment. In you are thinking about investing in Istanbul or starting a new business in Istanbul then you are in the right place. Read More

In recent years, many business owners have broadened their horizons to Istanbul. This is because Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city with many job opportunities. In this section, you can find what you need to know in order to open a business.

How to start a business in Istanbul, what opportunities startup companies have, how to work remotely in or from Istanbul; you can find all answers to your questions. Also, learn about the growing real estate market here. There are many reasons to invest in Turkey, here you can find all the necessary information. From work permits to employment laws, here is all you need to know in order to open a business in Istanbul.


Open a Business

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If you are planning to invest in Turkey and start a new business in Istanbul then you are at the right place. Here you can find all the legal, procedural and cultural information you may need in your process.

Start-up Business

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Istanbul has a great startup ecosystem in which many different companies have risen in different sectors. Find out the business environment in Turkey: Turkish Startup Ecosystem

Work Remotely

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Working remotely opened new horizons in business life in recent years. Many companies allow and actually encourage their staff to work remotely.

Why Invest in Istanbul

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Looking for reasons to invest in Istanbul? Turkish economy always offers great returns for foreign investors since it has a rapidly growing market and vibrant economical life.

Real Estate

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The real estate market in Istanbul offers great opportunities for foreign buyers. Explore the reasons why real estate projects in Istanbul are popular and what they offer.