An application for a work permit in Turkey can be submitted while in Turkey or while abroad.

Foreigners must apply at a consulate of the Republic of Turkey in the nation where they are a citizen or permanent resident if they are filing an application from abroad. A work contract, letter of assignment, or document establishing corporate partnership should be attached to the application. Within ten business days of the candidate's application to a consulate, the employer in Turkey must file an online application and submit the needed information and papers to the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services, either in person or by mail. The processes for work permit applications filed abroad will be completed electronically by the Republic of Turkey's consulates and the ministry.

Foreigners whose applications are approved by the Ministry of Family, Labour, and Social Services must enter Turkey within a maximum of 180 days after receiving their work visa. Foreigners who have residence permits with a remaining period of at least six months, or their employers, may file work permit applications in Turkey, with the exception of residence permits issued for schooling in Turkey. Such foreigners are exempt from filing an application with the Republic of Turkey's consulates. Within six business days of submitting the online application, the essential papers must be delivered to the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services, either in person or by mail.

The Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services completes work permit application procedures in conjunction with appropriate ministries and agencies, as needed. The ministry completes the procedures for properly filed work permit applications in a maximum of thirty days if all relevant documents are supplied in full. If the ministry finds that needed papers are missing, the applicant is contacted and instructed to supply the missing documents. In such circumstances, the thirty-day timeframe begins on the date that the ministry receives the missing papers. In the event of applications filed outside of Turkey, the ministry informs the appropriate consulate of the Republic of Turkey (through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) of the positive or negative decision on the work permit application. The ministry notifies the foreigner or the employer in the event of applications made in Turkey. Foreigners who are given residence and work permits by consulates and enter the country are obliged to register with the Turkey Address Registry System within twenty working days of their arrival.

Education, housekeeping services, health services, tourism, aviation, entertainment, and other sectors, as well as foreign direct investments, special foreign direct investments, professional services, and liaison offices, all have different methods and principles for issuing work permits to foreigners seeking employment in Turkey. The following material explains the procedures and concepts for applying for work permits for foreign direct investments. ​

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Frequently Asked Question

What documentation do foreigners need to enter and depart Turkey through border gates?
-After a document check, foreigners may enter or depart Turkey through border gates with a valid passport or travel document. However, beginning of January 1, 2017, people who do not have a passport or travel document valid for more than 100 countries can purchase a visa with a minimum validity of sixty days beyond the visa's expiration date. A visa exemption or a residency permit does not ensure admittance into the country.
What passengers are considered inadmissible?
-According to Article 7 of Law No. 6458, inadmissible passengers will not be permitted to enter Turkey.
Is it necessary for me to acquire a visa to enter Turkey?
-Foreigners who desire to stay in Turkey for up to ninety days must get a visa from the consulates in the countries of which they are nationals or where they lawfully live, unless the conditions of visa exemption are reserved.
How long does it take to complete a visa application, and how far in advance should the application be submitted?
-Applications submitted to consulates are processed within ninety days of receipt. 24 hours following the application, e-visas are issued to the foreigner's e-mail address. Given the possibility of visa issuance delays, a visa application should be submitted at least thirty days before to the desired travel date.
What situations cause the visa to be revoked?
-The issuing authorities or governorates may cancel a visa if: a) it is determined that the visa is subject to forgery; b) there is erasure, scraping, or alteration on the visa; c) the visa holder is barred from entering Turkey; d) there is a strong suspicion that the foreigner may commit a crime; e) the passport or travel document is false or expired; f) the visa or visa exemption is used for purposes other than those intended.