Go on a shopping spree around Istanbul! Istanbul is a historically and culturally rich city, but it's also a modern center of fashion and shopping. Read More

In Istanbul, you can find many luxury malls and outlets, as well as historical shopping districts. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it in the city. In this section, we have listed some important districts that are best for shopping, and also some antique bazaars along the way. Istanbul is a paradise for shopping lovers, and you can explore the options through 


Shopping Streets

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Istanbul is a paradise for shopping lovers, and you can explore famous shopping streets in different neighborhoods in Istanbul.

Historical Bazaars & Markets

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Istanbul has always been a shopping center of the world, one of the very few with a intercultural market history. Here are great historical bazaars and markets for you to fall in love if you love shopping!

Luxury Shopping

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Istanbul is a great place to spoil yourself! There are various shopping malls, streets with famous boutiques or historical bazaars which are special for luxury lovers!

Top Shopping Malls

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There are many shopping malls in Istanbul. Some are huge with hundreds of brands and some are only with limited brands for luxury shopping.

Book & Music Store

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Looking for newspapers, journals, books or music albums? While walking around Istanbul you may see many bookstores and music stores.


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Jewelry in Istanbul is famous in the world for ages. From traditional handmade collections to designer ones, Istanbul is the city you can find whatever you are looking for.

Tax Free

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Travelers are eligible for a tax refund after shopping in Turkey when they spend over a specific amount of money.