Book Stores in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that stands out with its delightful landscapes. The pleasure of reading a book while enjoying these views is entirely different. For this reason, bookstores in Istanbul where people who come to the city as tourists can shop for books have taken their places in various parts of the city and different ways. In these shops, where books in different languages are also sold, you will be able to find the books you are looking for and read them in the company of pleasant Istanbul views. 

Below we have listed some of the bookstores in Istanbul for you. But we should not forget that it is possible to find books everywhere in Istanbul.

  • Sahaflar (Second Hand Bookstores): One of the essential places that come to mind for the local people when it comes to bookstores in Istanbul is the 'Sahaflar Bazaar.' This is a historical bazaar where old books are sold. Since it is close to Istanbul University, Grand Bazaar, and Beyazıt State Library, it has been the place that comes to mind when it comes to books for many years. These shops, which we think will attract people who come to the city as tourists, are located in Fatih. These shops have been a part of Turkish culture and one of the symbols of Istanbul since the Ottoman period.

  • Turkish-Deutsch Bookstore (Türk Alman Kitabevi): This bookstore, which can especially attract the attention of German guests, has been on Istiklal Street since 1955. There are lots of German books inside. This store is also designed as a small cafe. The berliner doughnuts and coffees of this cafe are very delicious. If you wish, you can buy your book and then sit and try these delicacies while reading it.

  • Robinson Crusoe 389: This shop was established in 1994 on Istiklal Street. It was named after its first address, block 389. This iconic shop, which had to close due to the rent increase, moved to SALT Galata. Currently, it continues to bring book lovers together with books.

  • YKY: YKY is a publishing house that is of great value for Turkish publishing. It is possible to find books from many languages and disciplines in it. Located on Istiklal Street, this modern shop with two floors will draw you in the first time you enter.

  • İnsan Kitap: This has been a bookstore located opposite Galatasaray High School for years. It is an extensive shop, and it is possible to reach the different kinds of books you are looking for. It is pretty comprehensive, especially in French publications.

  • Nail Bookstore Cafe: This is a hidden corner of pleasure that many people do not know about. You can take a warm break from a day full of joy, taking pictures in the streets of Kuzguncuk and breathing the sea air at Nail Bookstore Cafe. Located in a two-story building, this lovely place has tables on both floors where you can sit and have your coffee or tea. Especially the seats on the upper floor that invite you to sit and read will invite you to spend the whole day here.

Music Stores in Istanbul

While you discover Istanbul, you will hear different notes and immerse yourself in the harmony of music. While doing this, we will have a suggestion for you. Istanbul is a city that has developed itself quite well in terms of music shops. For this reason, we have compiled a list of shops where you can buy a few old records or cassettes, enjoy the nostalgia, and even do the necessary shopping if you play an instrument. Remember, shopping in Istanbul is very affordable.

Before you start reading the list, we want to give you a hint. You can find many music stores on the route that goes down to Galata Tower and Karaköy after the end of Istiklal Street. The name of this street is Galipdede Street.

  • Zuhal Music: Located on the Galip Dede Street we mentioned, this shop is the most well-known music shop in the country. The reason why it is so popular is that the owners of this shop are also musicians. As a result, they specifically seek and find the best quality musical instruments for their music lover customers. If you play a musical instrument, it is one of the shops you should take a look at.

  • Dore Music: Dore Music is the second stop for those who play musical instruments. This shop has a wide range of instruments located on the same street. It is known as one of the best in the city. The instruments of this place are used in many artistic activities. It is incredibly spacious. Even if you don't play an instrument, we think you will enjoy spending time inside.

  • Girgin Piano&Art Gallery: In this shop located in Beşiktaş, there are masterfully produced pianos as well as paintings and sculptures. Although the shop was opened in 1999, the shop owner has been doing this business for many years.

  • SRV Music Store Vintage Guitars and Amps: It is possible to find whatever you want about the guitar in this shop located in Kadıköy on the Asian side. New guitars are coming all the time. We have a warning about this store, which has specially made guitars of Gibson, Ibanez, and Fender. If you're going to visit this place to see vintage guitars, it's a good idea to go on weekdays and in the morning because it gets pretty crowded.

  • Vintage Records: This shop is located in Moda, Asian Side. This is the shop of Mete Avunduk, who made the "Losers Club," an extremely popular radio program in Turkey in the 90s. They say that customers sometimes come to this shop, where they sell many different kinds of records and cassettes, even as grandparents. It is a shop that appeals to all generations.

Also, a little note from us to record and cassette lovers; As we mentioned above, if you happen to be in the Sahaflar Historical Bazaar in Fatih, you have the chance to find many old records there. But as we said, every corner of Istanbul is adorned with culture and art, so you have the opportunity to find what you are looking for in every second-hand bazaar.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Istanbul good for shopping?
Istanbul has a wide variety of shops and products at reasonable prices, so, yes.
Are shops closed on Sundays in Istanbul?
No, shops are generally open on Sundays.
Are luxury brands cheaper in Turkey?
Yes, in Turkey, luxury shopping is relatively cheaper.
Is Friday a working day in Turkey?
Turkey is a secular country, so the holy day of Friday doesn’t apply to Turkey.
Is shopping cheaper in Turkey?
Even though the recent rise in the dollar affected Turkey, brands are still affordable in Turkey.
What is the most popular book store in Istanbul?
There are many bookstores in Istanbul but D&R and KirmiziKedi book and music stores are the most popular ones.
What are the coolest bookstore in Istanbul?
Robinson Crusoe 389 is by far the coolest book store in Istanbul.