Are you coming to Istanbul for studying purposes? You must have some things to learn about student life, then. In this category, you can find essential information regarding the daily life of students.

Istanbul is heaven for students with its great, colorful, and vibrant student life. There are many universities, graduate programs, certificate courses, and many more educational opportunities in Istanbul. Here is everything you need to understand the education system and student life in Istanbul. 

Top Universities in Istanbul

Turkey has 203 universities as of 2020, with 10 state universities and 40 private institutions in Istanbul alone. Istanbul, being Turkey’s largest city, is home to the country’s oldest, largest, and most successful universities.

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What Are Supports For International Students In Istanbul?

Turkish international schools in Istanbul vary in curriculum, fees, and pricing, and according to Turkish immigration office data, the total number of foreigners living in Turkey is about 4.7 million individuals from 190 different countries.

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How Is The Education System In Istanbul?

Education is a top priority for national development, accounting for 22% of the national budget. Primary education is obligatory for children aged 6 to 14, and enrolment in this age group was almost 100 percent in 2001.

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