It has a population of 14 million people, the majority of whom are students. As a result, Istanbul is home to the most popular universities in Turkey. Istanbul attracts foreign students due to its large English-speaking population and pleasant climate. Furthermore, the people of Istanbul are kind and helpful, so students may live comfortably. In Istanbul, education focuses on developing self-sufficient and multicultural pupils, with an emphasis on creative thinking abilities. Many of Istanbul’s top universities were named to the world’s most respected rankings. Universities such as Bogazici, Koc, Sabanci, and Marmara are among the top ranked universities in Istanbul

Sabanci University

Sabanci University is another another Istanbul-based private university. This year, it is the fifth-highest rated university in Turkey, and the 18th-highest ranked institution in the world, according to the EECA rankings. Despite being a newer institution than Bogazici, it has approximately 4,000 students per semester. Sabanci University provides a diverse variety of subjects ranging from engineering to social sciences, and will meet every student’s expectations of a university. Sabanci, like Koc University, is situated outside of town. Sabanci’s campus has its own ecology and operates like a tiny town made up of students. 

Koc University

Koc Institution, founded in 1933, is Istanbul’s first private university and Turkey’s second. It gets its name from its creator, businessman and entrepreneur Vehbi Koc. Koc University’s goal is to “educate Turkey’s most capable pupils, well-rounded businesspeople who are globally prepared and can think creatively.” With many undergraduate and graduate degrees, Koc University‘s renowned curriculum provides a world-class experience. These credentials place Koc University among the top private institutions in Istanbul. It is situated outside of the city center, away from the traffic and crowds. The campus, located in the midst of a lovely green forest, is large enough to provide all a student might require. Students can commute between the campus and the city center using scheduled buses and subways, making transit in Istanbul simple. 

Bogazici University

Bogazici University, located directly close to the Bosphorus, is one of Istanbul’s oldest institutions. Its historic yet magnificent buildings were formerly home to Robert College. However, the institution was afterwards renamed Bogazici University. Bogazici University, ranked 10th in the top ten EECA institutions, offers outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs. Bogazici University, which is divided into two campuses, is situated in the city center. Traveling to Bogazici from Istanbul is simple, since numerous bus lines pass close to the institution. Bogazici University is one of Turkey’s most renowned institutions, with over 200 years of teaching expertise. Even if you do not intend to apply to Bogazici, you should certainly see the university’s magnificent structures while in Istanbul. 

Prices Of Universities In Istanbul

State institutions in Turkey, such as Bogazici University, are tuition-free. Private institutions, such as Sabanci University and Koc University, charge annual fees, although scholarships are available in Turkey. As a cultural capital, the city offers a wide range of educational possibilities. As many places to visit in Istanbul as there are to see, there are also education programs to meet everyone’s requirements. In Istanbul, there are presently 58 universities, each of which offers something unique. High-quality research universities may be found in Turkey, whether you are searching for undergraduate or graduate degrees. Throughout your academic career, you will also have the opportunity to visit some of Istanbul’s most popular tourist attractions, such as Hagia Sophia Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and Galata Tower.