The city is a student-friendly place in transportation as well because students can apply for student cards for transportation which would result in significant discounts on the public transportation vehicles. The transportation options are not limited to public transportation as there are several private options as well. For example, there are private buses and minibusses that offer transportation for reasonable prices in the city. Taxis may cause a problem during the rush hour traffic as there are lines for taxis and the drivers try to choose the passengers with the longest destination, but there is always the option of a private taxi for traveling. Going to the school premises may be the easiest part of transportation as most of the universities offer shuttle services for the students to and from campuses.


  • Ferry rides for intercontinental travels in Istanbul.
  • Metro stations for easy transportation outside of traffic.
  • Public transportation with busses.
  • Private buses and minibusses with affordable prices.
  • Discounts for students during their daily transportation.
  • Shuttle services of universities.

There are many options for transportation in Istanbul!

Istanbul is a big city with many people in it. As the most developed metropolis in the country, the city is always in search of a way to relax its traffic. It is known that big cities like Istanbul suffer from traffic jams, especially in the rush hours, but the transportation problems of the city seem very small if you can overlook this handicap. The city offers a variety of transportation opportunities both on land and on water. Since the city is divided by the Bosporus, you may need to travel intercontinentally. This is possible through the ferryboats that take off throughout the day at specific hours. The boats not only take you from the Anatolian side to the European, or vice versa but also enables daily travels to the city’s famous islands. Apart from the ferryboats, intercontinental travel is also possible with the Marmaray, a metro line in Istanbul that operates underwater between the two sides of the city. You can also choose public or private buses with affordable prices to travel during your stay in Istanbul. 

Public transportation is cheaper for students with student cards thanks to the student discounts the state offers which is a significant amount. Private busses or minibusses do not generally operate on discounts but they still offer budget-friendly transportation. The students may benefit from shuttles in their commute to their university if the university offers such a system, which most universities do. As you can see, Istanbul has a lot of ways of transportation

Frequently Asked Question

Is transportation in Istanbul problematic?
While the traffic jam in Istanbul can be very stressful during the rush hours, Istanbul offers a lot of quick ways for transportation both on land and on water.
Is transportation in Istanbul expensive?
The city offers a variety of vehicles for transportation and the ones that belong to the state offer discounts for students for cheaper transportation whereas private transportation like taxis may be expensive based on the distance.
How can I travel between the two sides of Istanbul?
As a city divided by water, Istanbul offers three types of travel between continents. You can use ferries, the underwater metro, the Marmaray, or the busses that travel on the bridges between the two sides.