While these events are a great way to spend time, they also mean creating a network while having an active social life. In addition to the student clubs like “cinema club” or “astronomy club,” Istanbul also offers individual activities that the international students can attend by themselves or with their friends. The city is rich in not only the historical culture that creates the tourist attractions, but also in popular culture. There are concerts of various types of music almost every day in Istanbul apart from the amateur bands that put on shows even on the streets. There are many cinema salons in every part of the city that show films in their original languages and theatres with praiseworthy performances. Almost all kinds of activities in Istanbul offer discounts for students so that they can have active social lives to develop their cultural sides as well.


·   Student clubs and organisations that organise various events.

·   Active nightlife with bars that offer events for international visitors.

·   Opportunities to create a network through attending student clubs’ activities.

·   Cinemas with films in original languages and theatres with admirable performances.

·   Social life activities with special discounts for the students.

Istanbul can offer a very good social life to you!

Istanbul is a city of education for students. However, this doesn’t mean the students can’t have a little fun while they are studying at the prestigious universities of the city. On the contrary, the universities offer various ways of spending quality time for the students in their social lives. Most of the universities in Istanbul have student clubs and organizations that work for the students and their social lives through their various subjects. You can join a student club that specializes in film lovers or another club for nature enthusiasts. Through their numerous subjects, these clubs offer you a fun way to spend your time as well as giving you an opportunity to have healthy networks.

 If you are more of an individual activities person, the city still has a lot of ways to humor you. You can attend the bars of the nightlife, go to cinemas to see global films, see theatres in Turkish with their great adaptations or choose what type of music you want to listen to live in a concert. Istanbul is rich in ways to spend time, making it a great place to have an active social life especially with the student discounts it offers in most of the activities

Frequently Asked Question

What are the ways to spend time in Istanbul for an international student?
As Istanbul is rich in ways to spend time, you have many options for your social life. Some of the activities the city hosts every day include concerts in different types of music, global cinema and theatres that show both national and foreign plays.
Is Istanbul expensive for an active social life?
Istanbul offers cheap ways of entertainment with its numerous choices to spend time, and the prices become even cheaper with the special discounts for the students.
Are there student clubs in Istanbul?
Most of the universities in Istanbul have student clubs that work for the social life of the students.