​​​​​​​Turkey has 208 universities with more than 8 million students by 2022. In Istanbul, there are many universities accepting foreign students and Istanbul is exactly a student-friendly city! Read More


Social clubs, sports teams, and cultural events at every university bring together students and make faraway geographies close so you will feel at home if you decide to study in Istanbul! Here you can find all the necessary information about Istanbul’s outstanding student life.

Life in Istanbul for Students

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Istanbul has so many to offer to students! The city has been hosting many different civilizations, cultures, and religions for centuries, so the vibrant life of the city is rich and colorful.

Education System

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If you want to study abroad then it can be confusing to learn about a whole new education system from scratch. Don’t worry, Turkey has a single national education system and it is not complicated if you have the right sources.

Application Guide

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Are you preparing to study in Istanbul? Then this section is for you. Discover the opportunities for undergraduates, as well as master’s students and phD programmes. You will learn everything you need to know about how universities operate on different levels in Turkey and understand the application process.

Where to Stay

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Istanbul hosts many students every year. Newcomers may have a hard time finding a place to stay in Istanbul, so before your visit, we have gathered some tips and essential information for you. This section focuses more on student accommodation, such as dormitories and rented houses.

Find a University

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If you want to study in Istanbul then you will have a lot of options! there are many universities in Istanbul; some of them are public and some of them are private. Here you can see the top universities which are preferred by foreign students and know about their programs, their resources and campus life.