The associate’s degrees can be achieved through vocational schools in Istanbul in addition to the university that offers it. The main cycle of higher education is a bachelor’s degree in a program of four years that awards this degree. The fields of study change from one university to another, but most universities offer degrees in law, humanities, medicine, and engineering. 

The bachelor’s degrees in pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary and medicine programs are awarded after the completion of the long cycle, which is 5 to 6 years depending on the subject. The higher education of a student continues upwards with the master’s degree after the completion of a minimum of 2 years. Some universities offer master’s degrees in fields of study that are not included in the programs of undergraduate students. 

The master’s programs are divided into two the ones that require a thesis and the ones that do not for graduation. When the master’s program is completed, the student is awarded the titles of MA or MSc according to the field they have studied. The next step of the higher education programs universities in Istanbul offer is Ph.D. In this program, the students are expected to complete a set number of credits in addition to writing and defending a dissertation. After this program is completed, the student is awarded the title of Ph.D., or more commonly, doctor.


  • Various degrees in English.
  • Many programs to achieve titles.
  • Diplomas that can be obtained through two-year schools.
  • Titles from prestigious universities.
  • Study in universities that focus on certain fields of study.

Istanbul is a city that is the center of many things. It is a center for touristic activities, a center of investment for the business, and it is definitely a center of education. It has 57 universities in addition to vocational schools of higher education, and all of these universities offer degrees in at least 2 programs. Starting with the vocational schools, they offer associate’s degrees. These programs last for two years, and they are also known as pre-bachelor’s degree programs. 

Many universities in Istanbul also offer associate’s degrees with their programs of 2 years. The main program of higher education, bachelor’s degrees are obtained after 4 years of education in an undergraduate program. The subject of study is for the student to choose as most of the universities in Istanbul have a variety of fields of study. You can study law, medicine, humanities, engineering, or whatever subject you want to study. 

Some universities are different from others in that they focus on certain fields of study like fine arts or engineering. The next step of higher education is followed by master’s programs that last 2 years minimum. You can attend a master’s program with or without a thesis according to the regulations of the university. After the master’s, most universities offer Ph.D. programs that include the writing of a thesis. Istanbul is waiting with its universities and the programs they are offering

Frequently Asked Question

How many programs can a student attend?
There are four main programs of higher education. They are associate’s, bachelor’s, master's, and Ph.D. While the associate’s degree is a program between secondary school and higher education, other programs need each other successively.
How long does higher education last?
Higher education starting with a bachelor’s degree program lasts for at least 9 to 10 years. These years consist of 4 years of bachelor’s, 2 years of master’s, and roughly 4 years of Ph.D.
What do these programs contribute to the student?
In addition to their education, higher education programs award the students with degrees and titles based on the program they attend.