Many schools and education centers were established through the periods of these empires, centers that graduated man intelligent people who were active in their society.


Of course, as US and Europe universities monopolized the reputation of education through the 20th century, other universities in the world were not famous however, some of them are better than most of universities in Europe or US. For example, Boğaziçi  university is considered one of the best universities in Europe for Humanitarian and Social Sciences but never got famous..

By 2004, the Turkish universities were able to gain more success and show up to the world what a good education they offer.

Here are some of the most information about studying in Istanbul

When East meets West, you are going to see what you have never seen before and live a very different experience that you will definitely love both of its positive and negative sides. The best spot where to live this experience is at one of the Turkish universities in Istanbul.

The Turkish universities split into two types, Public universities, and private universities. Unlike many other countries, both of these types are under the rule of the high education ministry and the same laws are applied on both types, this is to control the standards of education regardless what type of university it is and make sure that the education process does not go below the standards

In general, private universities offer way more quotas for international students than public universities thus you can find more foreigners in Private universities than public universities. In addition, the majority of programs offered in private universities are in English language unlike public universities that offer the majority of programs in Turkish language.

In order to enroll in one of the public universities, an international student must enter the international students exam or as it is called in Turkish (YOS) and according to the grades of this exam, high school grades, age, and quotas a student can be accepted and get his acceptance letter or not. For private universities, it is not obligatory to enter the YOS exam due to the fact that private universities work with a system that has more quotas thus they can accept students with less tense competition but, a student must prove his English speaking, reading, listening, writing abilities through an international English certificate like IELTS or TOEFL IBT or simply, join the English proficiency exam that is help in each university apart.

studying standards and the education curricula in Turkey are put according to European standards and the Turkish certificate is actually is accredited in more than 196 countries around the world, some universities follow low standards, some follow medium standards, and some follow high standards but all of the standards are designed according to European and world conditions even the low ones. Thus, you can find a lot of Turkish universities ranked highly and better than many other universities in the world. We are talking about KOC university, Bogazici university, Istanbul universityIstanbul Technical university and many other universities.

Relatively and compared to other countries and universities in Europe, studying in Turkey is not expensive and International students always have the opportunity to get a partial or full scholarship.

Education Consultancies And Agent:

Like any other country in the world, you can find a lot of education consultancies and agents in TUrkey that offer you free registration and partial scholarship. do not worry, these agencies are not crooks because they have official representative contracts with universities and they can offer you a special discount over tuition fees that can reach up to 75% so it is considered a good opportunity for you to register through one of these education consultancies and agents.

One of the most important things that you must know. Turkey has more than 200 universities so you will definitely get confused of what to choose and what not to thus, make sure to contact one of the Education Consultant who knows about Education in Turkey and its system and after you explain your purposes of studying and future plans the Consultant will offer you the options that matches your situation and plans. Also, you can benefit from their services of registering and getting a discount over the tuition fees, an example of such a consultancy is PROVADA Education Consultancy that has a very helpful and professional team.