The amount of the scholarship tends to increase with the level of education the student attends. Most universities have their own agreements of scholarships in addition to the ones that are offered by the government and other organizations, so the students in need of scholarships are advised to visit their universities’ web pages. Some of the scholarships the government in Turkey offer includes Turkish courses if the student cannot provide a Turkish Proficiency Certificate upon arrival. Other help that is given to the students apart from monthly monetary payments includes health insurance and accommodation for the study period in relation to the university of the student.


  • Monetary help comes from various organizations as well as the government.
  • Scholarships that may cover transportation costs.
  • Scholarships that offer linguistic help for the student.
  • A chance to stay within the university premises through accommodation scholarships.
  • Scholarships that cover the health insurance costs during the study period.

Istanbul is a city for higher education thanks to the many opportunities it offers. The city is filled with universities, and each university has a different opportunity for scholarships. Many students need help from others for their education during their university years, and scholarships are the number one help students can get for their education. Universities have their own agreements most of the time for scholarship benefits for the students. Universities in Istanbul show that they have as many scholarship opportunities for their international students as their Turkish students, if not more. An international student can have scholarships from the Republic of Turkey as well as their home country, and from the university, they attend in addition to the national and international organizations.

 The amount of the scholarship increases as the level of your education, showing that these scholarships are little awards in themselves. While scholarships generally mean monthly payments of a considerable amount of money, there are other kinds of scholarships too. These other scholarships include Turkish courses for those without a Turkish Proficiency Certificate, covering the cost of health insurance during the study period and helping with the accommodation conditions of the student. Come and benefit from what studying in Istanbul can offer you

Frequently Asked Question

Do universities in Istanbul offer scholarships?
Yes, the universities in Istanbul guide their students to scholarship opportunities in addition to having their own scholarship agreements.
Where can I have a scholarship during my study period in Istanbul?
Turkey is a great option for higher education as it provides international students with many scholarship opportunities. A student can have a scholarship from their home country, the Republic of Turkey, the university they attend in addition to the national and international organizations with scholarship benefits.
What do the scholarships in Turkey include?
The scholarships include monthly payments for students based on their level of education, help in their Turkish language skills, accommodation conditions and help with the costs of their health insurance.