Plan Your Trip

Plan ahead for Istanbul! Before visiting Istanbul, it is crucial that you have an understanding of what to do when you arrive in the city. Read More

In this section, you will find useful information about what to do first when you arrive, depending on which transportation way you use. We have gathered many different transportation methods for tourists, so you can find the one that suits the most.

Getting Around Istanbul

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Istanbul has a very central location as just the meeting point of Asia and Europe, and because of that, it is also in the middle of transportation lines.

Airport Transfers

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Traveling to a foreign country can be stressful especially if it is your first time there. But don’t worry Istanbul, especially when you're unsure how to get to your hotel.

Public Transportation in Istanbul

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Istanbul is an amazing city and it is huge! Most of the time it is the best option to use public transportation while you are traveling around the city.


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Istanbul is a hub for world flights. There are many airlines has direct flights to the two airports Istanbul has.