The city of Istanbul is home to not one but two major international airports. Airport shuttles, municipal public buses, taxis, and private/shared shuttles are some of the options for getting from the airport to the central business district that is made available by all of these entities. Private shuttles are by far the most convenient, pleasant, safe, and quick method of travel between Istanbul's airports and the city center. While airport shuttles in Istanbul and private shared shuttles between Istanbul airports and the city center have reasonable prices, private shuttles are by far the most convenient way to travel between Istanbul's airports and the city center.

Private Istanbul Airport Transfers

The New Istanbul Airport, often known as IST, can be found in the Arnavutkoy area of Istanbul, which is situated close to the coast of the Black Sea. Approximately 45 kilometers separate the New Istanbul Airport from the primary city center neighborhoods of Istanbul. This distance is approximately typical.  No metro line travels directly from New Istanbul Airport to the main part of the city. The HAVAIST Airport Shuttle is the most efficient way to get from the airport to the city center of Istanbul. The Shared Shuttle or the Private Shuttle, on the other hand, is the most pleasurable and convenient option.

Private Shuttles to and from Airports

We strongly suggest that you use private shuttle transfers for your hotel if you are traveling with a large group, a family that includes children, or if you have a lot of luggage. This is because private shuttle transfers offer a convenient, comfortable, and secure transfer at a set rate. In addition, they include meet-and-greet airport pickups and assistance with luggage both to and from the airport.

You will be dropped off in the city center by either the IETT or HAVAIST airport shuttles. From there, you will need to take a cab or walk, which will be more challenging with your children and luggage. On the other hand, when you choose private transport, you will be brought directly to the lobby of your hotel. These shuttles offer airport meet-and-greet services, luggage assistance, and affordable and fixed-rate private shuttle transportation services. Transportation to and from New Istanbul Airport is provided by a diversified fleet of comfortable taxis, minivans, luxury cars, and minibusses that can accommodate 6-19+ passengers. This fleet can accommodate every demand while still ensuring prompt and secure service (IST). In addition, they are more convenient in terms of comfort and speed than shuttles, buses, and taxis. The protection and well-being of both the guests and the drivers are of the highest significance. They make certain that each and every vehicle is cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the criteria established by the COVID-19 of the World Health Organization

Frequently Asked Question

What time should I arrive at the airport to ensure that I have enough time to complete all of the necessary processes before my flight?
Typically, check-in counters will open between two and three hours before the planned departure time. Depending on the airline you fly with, there may be variations in the opening times for domestic or international check-in. We strongly advise that our clients come to Sabiha Gokcen Airport in the appropriate time frame.
Should I prefer private airport shuttles or public transportation?
Public transportation from and to the airport is likely to be more affordable, but private shuttles are far more comfortable and safe.
What are the new regulations regarding the amount of liquid, aerosol, and gel that can be carried in hand luggage?
Since 2010, passengers on domestic flights are not permitted to have any liquids in their carry-on bags that are larger than 100 milliliters. Since May 2009, passengers on international flights have been subject to limitations regarding the amount and kind of liquids that can be carried in their carry-on luggage.