This city, which serves as a real land bridge between Europe and the Middle East, is a true melting pot and no stranger to expat groups. Despite its difficulties, life in Istanbul provides a genuinely unique experience for everyone. The language barrier is one of the most difficult aspects of living in Istanbul. Because public schools in Istanbul only educate in Turkish, many expatriates send their children to an international school. Fortunately, there is a wide selection to pick from; here’s everything you need to know about them. 

Despite the fact that there are many foreign schools in Istanbul, there is still a strong demand for school seats. Most schools have hundreds, if not thousands, of pupils. However, class numbers remain small, and native English-speaking instructors are frequent. The educational level to be expected is the same as that of international schools throughout the globe, and the same is true of school facilities. Most school campuses are vast, with excellent sports facilities and a wide range of extracurricular activities. 

Why Should You Study In Istanbul As An International Student?

Your kid will meet many other foreign pupils if he or she attends an international school in Istanbul. While some international schools include a program for local kids, the majority of the student population at an international school is made up of expat children. Foreign schools in Istanbul, on the other hand, assist international students in settling into their new city. Turkish language classes are widely available, and many schools organize cultural excursions and activities to assist students get acquainted with their new nation and city. 

Depending on the school, other languages are also available. Arabic will be taught at international schools with a large number of Middle Eastern pupils. Schools with a mostly European student population may also teach French, German, or other European languages. 

Istanbul Aydin University

Istanbul Aydin University is both a city and a campus university, with its campus located in the heart of Istanbul and its experienced academic staff well-known for their scientific works in our country and around the world. “The Most Preferred Foundation University Since Its Inception” Istanbul Aydin University, with campuses in Bahcelievler and Florya, meets the student’s expectations. 

Kadir Has University

Kadir Has University (KHU) was established in Istanbul in 1997. The university is dedicated to becoming a leader in educational and cultural fields in Turkey, as well as an international center for research and scientific development, with its five faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Communication, Law, and Fine Arts, as well as several vocational schools. 

Sabanci University

Sabanci University is the place to study in Turkey, thanks to its world-class professors, internationally rated English education, and low tuition costs when compared to similarly ranked institutions across the globe. The institution also offers substantial scholarships to students from various countries and educational backgrounds, ensuring that all students get a high-quality, accessible education. All programs are available at SU’s green campus in Tuzla, Istanbul. With science, technology, and social structures developing on a daily basis, the world needs more competent people who have the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a profession wherever in the globe. Recognizing the importance of this problem, the Sabanci Group decided in 1994 to create a “global university” headed by the Sabanci Foundation

Studying in Istanbul is a fantastic chance since the city has a rich cultural history and many attractions. Furthermore, areas like as Kadikoy and Taksim provide students with many recreational options.