Similar to Istanbul University, Boğaziçi University is the best-ranking university in Turkey that is highly deemed by international universities. It was established by American scholars in the 19th century, and it still follows an education system similar to the ones in the United States. Istanbul is also the home of the world’s third oldest technical university, Istanbul Technical University. In contrast with public universities, private universities in Istanbul are rather newer, but they are as qualified as public ones. Each year, Istanbul turns out to be the city in demand by higher education enthusiasts with its 57 universities. The demand comes not only from the Turkish residents as most of these universities offer higher education for international students. Due to the international exchange rate in currency, Istanbul becomes an inexpensive option for higher education.


  • Various degrees in English.
  • A multicultural city.
  • Historical universities date back to medieval times and the Age of Enlightenment.
  • Progressive universities with good places in international rankings.
  • Uncostly living for international students.

Istanbul is a crowded city due to the fact that it is not only a city of attraction but it is also a business center since it unites two continents. Istanbul’s location and the way it unites different cultures make the city a great place for investment. As there are many business establishments there, people generally choose to have their life in Istanbul. These opportunities go the same for the higher education life of the students as the city is the home of 57 universities. Whether they are public or private, universities in Istanbul offer a variety of subjects to study. While most universities offer a range of different subjects, there are also some universities that focus on a specific field of study. There is Istanbul Technical University, for example, for those who would like to have their higher education in engineering sciences. It is the third oldest university in the world to focus on technical sciences, and it is a university of high regard in international areas. 

There is also Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University for those who would like to focus on fine arts and architecture. Both of these universities were established before the 20th century to educate young minds on the subjects of their liking in a focused way. Like many others, these two universities of Istanbul are prestigious universities in international areas and they are ready for international students

Frequently Asked Question

How many universities are there in Istanbul?
Istanbul has 57 universities. 13 of these are public universities while the rest are private.
What can I study in Istanbul?
Istanbul offers a variety of subjects for higher education. While some universities focus on engineering sciences, others may focus on fine arts. However, most universities offer various fields of study from humanities to mathematics.
Are the universities in Istanbul prestigious?
Many universities in Istanbul have good places in international rankings of universities. These rankings are sorted among a small group of universities, showing that even getting into these lists is proof of the quality of the competing universities.