Do you wish to live in Turkey, and do you intend to do so in the near future? Or are you still planning and searching for the best alternatives for immigration and secure stability, or are you already in Turkey and looking for a better way to educate your children? When contemplating such a step, it is critical to identify the best option among international schools in Istanbul that offer English academic curricula, such as British schools, American schools, Canadian schools, and other Turkish international schools accredited by several international educational institutions. 

Istanbul has lately emerged as a new investment, settlement, and residency destination, as well as a destination for people seeking a secure and peaceful existence. Istanbul blends tradition and history with places like Basilica Cistern or Topkapi Palace, contemporary luxury and major brands, beautiful landscape, and social life convergence, not to mention the embrace of various Arab and western groups, where there are numerous social types suited for newcomers. The recent worldwide events have led thousands of families to seek new, safer, and more stable options; many of them opted to relocate to Istanbul, living in the best apartments, villas, residential and commercial complexes, and owning real estate in Turkey. 

British International Schools In Istanbul

In Turkey, there are just two branches: one in Istanbul and one in Ankara. It is the only school affiliated with the British Embassy in Istanbul that provides the IGCSE curriculum used in British national schools. It is an internationally recognized institution that assists students in enrolling in Turkish, American, and British colleges. Students range in age from three to 18 years old and come from more than 55 nations. The school concentrates on teaching other languages such as German, French, and Turkish in addition to English, which is the school’s primary language of instruction. In the year 2000, the school was established in Istanbul. Due to the growing number of pupils, the school built a new building called Zekeriyakoy. In the previous year, the school grew to become a Turkish school, training, product upgrading flavored international and exchange children between the ages of 2 and 7 years, with prices ranging from 40-45 thousand dollars depending on the stage. 

International Schools In Turkey

Turkish international schools in Istanbul vary in curriculum, fees, and pricing, and according to Turkish immigration office data, the total number of foreigners living in Turkey is about 4.7 million individuals from 190 different countries. According to these figures of an ever-increasing number of expats, the Turkish government has contributed to providing all living services and amenities for foreigners and expatriates. In terms of education, the government has mandated collaboration between the Ministry of Education and foreign embassies to create schools that serve the communities of each nation in line with the Turkish government’s ideals and principles. This page contains information on all of Istanbul’s foreign schools

Mef International Schools

MEF, or Modern Egitim Fen, is an abbreviation for modern educational science. It was founded in 1996 in the region of Bahçeşehir. It now boasts over 2,000 students who are overseen by 300 administrative and instructional personnel in both Istanbul and Izmir sections of the institution. After examining the most significant foreign curricula, such as British, French, and Japanese, the school relied on advanced curricula (integrated education system) from its inception. In EU nations, the school’s curriculum is CEFR certified. The school also prepares students in the twelfth grade to take the TOEFL and SAT tests, which allow them to apply to all foreign institutions in Istanbul. In terms of the second language, the student choose one of the following options: German, French, or Spanish.