Accommodation costs in Istanbul may be the most challenging part of a student’s monthly expenses, but there are many better alternatives to living in a flat of your own. There are governmental dormitories as well as dormitories that belong to the university the student attends that offer accommodation below 1000 Turkish Liras. The costs of daily expenditures and social activities would not bother international students if they choose to spend time in activities that take place in governmental places. Theatre and concert performances in state buildings usually cost below 50 Turkish Liras for students. One-way public transportation costs around 10 Turkish Liras, a good meal costs around 40 Turkish Liras, and the monthly payment for mobile phones changes between 70-100 Turkish Liras. The prices in Turkey have increased greatly due to the inflation rate in the country, but it can be said that the international visitors to the country are not very much affected by the country’s condition.


  • Special discounts for students.
  • Affordable living for international students.
  • Uncostly living conditions through the exchange rate.
  • Accommodation alternatives for students.
  • Cultural activities that cost very little with governmental support.

Istanbul is a city in which international students can lead a rather uncostly life. The reason why the city is this affordable for international students stems from the fact that the global exchange rate affects the Turkish Lira greatly and the country is going through a period of high inflation. However, inflation is not the only reason for the affordable view of Istanbul since the government is working for improving the conditions of the students as well. There are various discounts special for the students. These discounts change from transportation costs to cultural activities. A student can find accommodation below 1000 Turkish Liras in governmental dormitories as well as in the dormitories that belong to the university they attend. They can travel to the city through public transportation for 20 Liras, and attend cultural activities like theatre for prices below 50 liras. The monthly cost of mobile phone services is generally below 100 Liras in Turkey, and the students can have good meals for 40 Liras

Frequently Asked Question

Is Istanbul an expensive city to study there?
Istanbul is a city that can offer an affordable life for a student. There are many discounts for students. Also, the condition of the Turkish Lira in the global exchange rate creates an uncostly condition for international visitors to the country.
Is transportation expensive in Istanbul?
Public transportation in Istanbul is good for both environment and your wallet. The students can travel for about 20 Liras in a day.
What are the accommodation alternatives in Istanbul?
The most expensive part of the monthly expenditures will be accommodation in Istanbul. However, the government and the universities in the city offer affordable dormitories for students below 1000 Turkish Liras.