One of the good things about the libraries in Istanbul is that they allow visitors to visit historical buildings as well. For example, Beyazıt State Library is similar to the Central Library of Istanbul University in showing old buildings to its visitors. It was established in 1884 by the state, and it is said to be the oldest library in modern Turkey to be built by the state. What is more significant about this library is that it has been giving service since the day it was established in the 19th century. It includes several significant and rare works produced in Arabic, English, Persian, and Ottoman that date back to the Ottoman Empire era. Some of these publications in the library are kept in little glass chambers because of their significance and the fact that they should be preserved because of their age. Like most of the libraries in the city, both of these libraries offer a great place to study quietly in addition to what they offer for cultural heritage.


  • Many libraries to study in.
  • Relaxing atmospheres in libraries.
  • Quiet places to study and conduct research.
  • Old books and scripts need to be preserved in some of the libraries.
  • Historical buildings that provide a visit to the city’s cultural heritage.

A visit to history is possible in the libraries of Istanbul!

It is known that Istanbul is an old city with many cultural sights to see. Some of these sights are operating libraries that offer various opportunities like being mesmerized by the historical architecture of the city, quiet and relaxing places to study addition and seeing historical documents. The city is full of libraries that were established in previous centuries but still operate successfully. Even though there are many digitalized materials on the internet, most of these libraries can give their researchers many documents for their studies. In addition to their opportunities in research fields or providing a relaxing time, these libraries can also be viewed as museums as some of them contain important pieces from previous centuries. The Central Library of Istanbul University, for example, is a house of books that date back to the 15th century. Don’t forget to visit some libraries while you are in Istanbul

Frequently Asked Question

What do libraries in Istanbul offer?
The libraries in Istanbul offer important sources for research, a relaxed atmosphere, and historical artifacts.
Which library is the oldest one in Istanbul?
Although most of the libraries in Istanbul are established in very old settlements, Beyazıt State Library is claimed to be the first library in modern-day Turkey.
What are the important things libraries in Istanbul have?
Libraries in Istanbul can supply your research with valuable information through thesis and research articles in addition to offering exhibited products that date back to 600 years ago.