Luckily, universities in Istanbul can meet all of these needs of the international students that are coming to study in Turkey. Istanbul has 57 universities that mostly offer degrees for international students, and most of these universities have a separate body for the international students, the international office. The coming students are expected to be working closely with the international offices as this body of the university is directly responsible for them. The people working in international offices offer help to the international students with everything related to their studies in the receiving university and play the role of a bridge between the student’s home country and Istanbul. 

There are communities within the universities that consist of students, generally known as the Erasmus Student Network. The ESN communities offer help to the international students with their problems in their social lives and organize events for the students in their adjustment period. Other supports for the students come from private organizations or the government based on the support. Grants and scholarships, for example, can be taken from private organizations, NGOs, or the government. In addition to scholarships, the government supports international students according to their type of studies. The support the government offers are numerous, changing from not needing a work permit from students in an internship program to discounts on tuition fees.  


·       International Offices for international students.

·       Erasmus Students Network organizations for the social lives of the international students.

·       NGOs and private organizations that may grant scholarships.

·       Scholarships and possible discounts for tuition from the government in Turkey.

·       Not requiring a work permit for international students in an internship program.

Thanks to the support it provides, you are in good hands in Istanbul!

Istanbul is a city of education, and its doors have been wide open for international students who wish to pursue their higher education there. While it may be frightening to simply start a life in a foreign country, Istanbul makes sure that you are taken care of with the countless types of support it harbors. As the city is a trade center and a place of business investment, there are many private organizations that also offer grants and scholarships to international students for your financial needs. You can also have support from the NGOs in the city and the government that can even offer discounts or waivers for your tuition fee. You won’t feel alone in your university as most of the universities in Istanbul have International Offices that are there to have your back.

 Last but not least, there are Erasmus Student Network organizations that are working for the best experience an international student can have. There are many more sources of support in Istanbul for an exchange student, so all you need to do is just decide on coming here to benefit from them

Frequently Asked Question

Who can help an international student in Istanbul?
Istanbul has a lot of organizations that offer support to international students. For your university or bureaucracy-related questions and problems, the international office of your university helps you. For any other subject, the Erasmus Student Network organizations offer support for international students.
Where can I have financial support in Istanbul?
As a center of trade and business investment, Istanbul has a lot of private organizations. An international student can find support from these private organizations, NGOs, and the government through grants and scholarships.
How does the government in Turkey support the international students in Istanbul?
The government tries to support international students by a variety of deeds that change from offering discounts or waivers for tuition fees to not requiring work permits for students of internship programs.