The General Health Insurance system is governed by the Social Security Institution of the Republic of Turkey and it offers discounts on the student’s prescribed medicines as well. This insurance requires an application from the students within the first three months period of their university registration. Health insurance must be renewed every year according to the law in Turkey. In addition to the private and state hospitals, all universities have a health center within their premises in Turkey. Students can check in to these centers in which basic health checks can be performed. After their visits to hospitals, students can go to pharmacies until 7 pm every day except for Sundays, and they can reach ambulance services by dialing 112 at any moment.


  • Private health insurances offer healthcare in private hospitals.
  • General Health System that is affiliated with the government.
  • Treatment in state hospitals for free with GHS.
  • University premises with health centers for students.
  • Access to pharmacies until night and easy access to ambulance services.

Your health is in good hands in Turkey!

Health insurance is required for any visit to foreign countries. The Republic of Turkey also follows this requirement for its international students but also covers the back of these students with many benefits through insurance as well. The country offers two types of health insurance that are divided private and general. Private health insurance is conducted through private agencies that work for international visitors. Through private health insurance, the students are able to receive help and health care from private hospitals that have agreements with their agencies. As the agreement conditions may vary, the health insurance that is recommended to students in the General Health insurance is controlled by the Social Security Institution of the Republic of Turkey. 

As a part of a governmental body, the General Health Insurance offers free help and healthcare in state hospitals. Also, this type of insurance has special discounts for the ones who have it in the prescribed medicine they need. These medicines can be bought from pharmacies that are open until 7 pm every day of the week except for Sundays. There are on-duty pharmacies every day of the week in addition to the daily pharmacies, including Sundays. Students can reach basic health checks in health centers that all universities in Turkey have, and reach the ambulance services by dialing 112 in emergencies at any time of the day

Frequently Asked Question

Is health insurance a mandatory requirement for international students in Turkey?
Yes, all international students are required to have a type of health insurance during their study period.
What are the types of health insurance in Turkey?
Turkey offers two types of health insurance; private health insurance and General Health Insurance from the Social Security Institution of the Republic of Turkey.
What is the call center number of ambulance services in Turkey?
The number to dial for ambulance services in Turkey is 112.
When do the pharmacies in Turkey close?
The official closing time for pharmacies in Turkey is 7 pm but there are on-duty pharmacies that are open all night every day.