The internship is generally seen in undergraduate degrees and the internship activity may be elective or compulsory based on the program the student attends in Turkey. They usually take place during summer vacation so that the students wouldn’t have to focus on their internship and their lectures at the same time. As the internship is related to the study period, the government doesn’t require a work permit or employment visa. You can locate chances for internships in numerous commercial businesses, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations in Turkey with the help of your university. Lastly, as a part of the Erasmus+ programs, Turkey offers opportunities of having an internship in another country while the student is studying at a university in Turkey. This traineeship program can take place during the student’s study period or right after they graduate. It is one proof that Turkey is a good choice in having a higher education degree.


  • Internship activities for experience in the chosen profession.
  • Istanbul is a place of many internship opportunities.
  • Internship activities during the summer period.
  • No need for a work permit or employment visa for an internship.
  • Erasmus Traineeship Program for international internships in another country than Turkey.

Finding an internship is quite easy here!

Internship programs are known for their contribution to a student’s transcript and the way they make the student more familiar with the profession they have chosen. The degree programs in Turkey offer internship activities in two ways. An internship may be required by the program the student attends, or it may be an elective and the student may choose to have an internship for extra credits. Nonetheless, the internship activities are usually seen in undergraduate programs and they usually take place in summer periods. The universities do the best they can for the students who are going to attend an internship program, especially if the program is mandatory. Big cities like Istanbul prove to be great opportunities in such conditions as the city has not only many universities but is also a business center. 

You can have your internship in numerous private companies, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations in such a big city. In addition to these, as a student in Turkey, you can benefit from the Erasmus Traineeship Program in order to have your internship program in a different country than Turkey. The Traineeship program can last between 2-12 months and you can start your traineeship right after you graduate. Just like it is in higher education, Turkey is a great place to have an easy process internship

Frequently Asked Question

Why do students attend internship programs?
Internship programs enable the students to put their theoretical knowledge to practice. An internship activity may be elective and be undertaken for extra credits, but it may also be compulsory based on the program the student attends.
When do the internship programs take place?
Internship programs in Turkey generally take place during the summer vacation. However, students can apply to Erasmus Traineeship Program to have an internship during a 2-12 months period or after they graduate.
Is Istanbul a good place to apply to internship programs?
Istanbul is the most developed metropolis in Turkey. The universities in Istanbul have ties with many organizations for internship programs and they help their students to attend them. As the city is also a business center, students generally have good opportunities for finding an internship.