With a residence permit, the international students can have Foreign Identification documentation which is used as the identification card of the natives. The residence permit is used in leaving and entering the country without a new visa application until the permit expires. The residence permit is also used for accessing the national website of the state that enabling the citizens to control their state-related issues. The requirements of starting a new life are not limited to the state as the students also need to maintain their daily lives. Other things they need to do include registering the phones they bring with them and applying to a local service provider in the first 60 days of their arrival. This way, the students can continue using their telephones.

 In addition to buying a SIM card for their telephones, the students are advised to buy bus cards for easy and cheap transportation opportunities inside the city. For keeping track of their expenditure and managing their scholarships, students are required to open bank accounts in local banks as well. This is an easy process as it only requires a visit to the bank of the student’s choice. Similarly, all of these steps of starting a new life after arrival can be achieved easily.


·       Working closely with the bodies of the state.

·       Residence permit that takes the place of a visa.

·       Access to a national website to control state-related issues.

·       Registering the telephones that are brought from the home country.

·       Opening bank accounts in local banks for managing monetary issues.

Starting a new life in Istanbul may be a long but easy process!

You can be sure that starting a new life in a foreign country requires nerves of steel as it is a long process. However, there are a few steps once you arrive in the Republic of Turkey. First of all, you need to register at your university and apply for the residence permit once you are registered. After obtaining your residence permit, you will have your foreign identification. Once you have the documentation, you need to apply for access to the national website of the country, “E-Devlet” with your residence permit so as to manage your state-related issues like proof of address. In addition to these state-related steps of starting your life, you also need some work done for your daily life. After registering the phone that you brought with you, you need to buy a SIM card from local service providers in order to use your telephone. You will need a bus card if you wish to benefit from the cheap and easy systems of transportation. You are also required to have a bank account in a local bank for managing your monetary issues. After completing such steps, you are ready to enjoy Istanbul and Turkey as a citizen

Frequently Asked Question

What is the first thing an international student must do in Turkey?
The first thing international students are required to do is to register themselves at the university they will study in.
Where can I apply for a residence permit in Turkey?
The international students are required to fill out an online form for the residence permit, set a date, and be on the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management on that date.
Can I use my phone in Turkey?
After its registration, the students can use the phone they brought with them. However, they need to buy a SIM card from a local service provider.