Istanbul, with a population of approximately 14 million people, is mainly made up of young people, a characteristic that attracts foreign students to study at one of Turkey’s numerous institutions. The most well-known universities in Turkey, such as Koç University, Bahçesehir University, Istanbul Aydin University, and Sabanci University, are all universities situated in Istanbul. These institutions are known for their cutting-edge facilities and outstanding research programs, particularly for graduate students studying engineering, communications, and urban planning. 

Many excellent and well-known institutions are giving education in Istanbul, but in this post, we will concentrate on the top three private universities in Istanbul. Let’s get started if you’re interested and can’t wait to find out. 

Koç University

Koc University was founded in 1992 and includes three campuses as well as its own hospital. It is the finest Turkish medical university and one of the top 500 institutions in the world for medical specialities. According to the QS website, it is the top Turkish institution and ranks No. 11 in the Central Asia Europe Emerging category for the year QS EECA University Rankings 2020. Admissions at Koc University are more rigorous than at other institutions. The number of students at Koc University is estimated to be about 10,000. 

Istanbul Bilgi University

Bilgi University was founded in 1996 and has approximately 25,000 students. According to the QS International Foundation, it is ranked 137 for emerging universities in Europe and Central Asia. It has also received several quality and accreditation awards, including CEA accreditation and one of the most certificates of quality of English language education in the world. 

Istanbul Bilgi University is the third best private university in Turkey, according to Wikipedia Encyclopedia, and the only university in Turkey to be a member of the universities network. Since 2006, the world has been home to the “Laureate International Universities.” 

Sabanci University

Sabanci University, founded in 1996, was rated 351-400 by the Times Higher Education Foundation for the year 2019, and 43 worldwide in the category of institutions under 50 years old by the Times Higher Education Foundation. The institution has over 200 partnerships with universities across the globe, and it is the first university in Turkey to allow students to select their speciality after the first or second year of study, as well as the option of studying another specialty. 

Bonus: Bahcesehir University

Bahcesehir University, founded in 1998, is one of the best 1258 universities in the world, according to the British Times Foundation (THE). It is an international university with 9 branches outside Turkey, and it has been awarded the United Nations Prize for Higher Education. It is also said to be Istanbul’s best international university. The COOP initiative is launched by Bahcesehir. This initiative includes cooperation agreements with 800 businesses within Turkey, and outside, who offer training or job opportunities for their students, based on collaboration between the institution and the labor market. 

Studying in Istanbul provides not only a fantastic study abroad opportunity, but also a one-of-a-kind journey through history and the fusion of Asian and European cultures in one fantastic place. Istanbul provides much more than excellent institutions, with magnificent historical attractions and cultural heritage such as the famous Hagia Sophia Mosque and more.