The city has 57 universities in total, and most of these universities offer education and bachelor's degrees for international students who would like to continue their higher education in Istanbul. 13 of these universities are public universities that are affiliated with the government, and the rest are private universities. Some of the most popular bachelor's degrees offered in these universities are in finance, political science and international relations, commerce and business in addition to the variety of options in engineering. 

There are other bachelor's degrees concerning the humanities and applied sciences in the numerous universities of Istanbul, and these are available to anyone in the world. As these universities are concerned about their representation in the international areas and their rankings amongst other universities, they employ the best lecturers they can for their students. Because of their ambition of continuing to be prestigious education places, you can be sure that you will be in good hands. The city offers great opportunities for exchange students thanks to its multicultural fabric. In addition to the cultural points the city has, an exchange student can have a comfortable life because of the cheap expanses the city offers for the exchange rate.


  • Various degrees in English.
  • A multicultural city.
  • Historical universities date back to medieval times and the Age of Enlightenment.
  • Progressive universities with good places in international rankings.
  • Uncostly living for exchange students.

We are sure that you will fall in love with Istanbul once you see the golden city of Turkey. But how about living in this city as a student? Istanbul attracts the attention of many international tourists every year, but what the city has to offer goes beyond its numerous tourist attractions as the universities of Istanbul are as charming as the city is. There are 57 universities in Istanbul, and most of these have a place for international students. You can apply for bachelor's degrees offered by these universities that vary from subjects of the humanities departments to that of the engineering departments with minute subjects. 

For many centuries, Istanbul has been one of the centers of trade, research, and culture; thus, making the students familiar with what they are studying. There are many opportunities for those who have bachelor's degrees in Istanbul with its multicultural fabric, and the network one can have in this big city can give birth to numerous career opportunities

Frequently Asked Question

How many universities are in Istanbul?
There are 57 universities in Istanbul, and 13 of these universities are public.
What subjects are offered in bachelor's degrees in Istanbul universities?
As a multinational city, there are many degree programs in Istanbul that offer education in English and departments open to exchange students in addition to international students. These degrees vary from political sciences to commerce, humanities to engineering; making the city suitable for anyone who would like to have their higher education in Istanbul to the subjects of their liking.
Is it costly for students to study in Istanbul?
Istanbul can be a costly city, but exchange students would not have to go beyond their ways to sustain a life in Istanbul due to the country’s inflation rate and the condition of the international exchange rate.