You are free to choose the subject you want to continue your higher education as the universities of Istanbul offers a variety of subjects with their numerous departments. For example, you can have a Ph.D. in sociology or a Ph.D. in business management, and become an honorable member of the doctors in the subject you have chosen. Istanbul offers excellent opportunities for higher education, but the city also excels as a place for international students and their living arrangements. The city boasts a diverse population, and because of the global exchange rate, the city's costs are reasonable for international students.


  • Various degrees in English.
  • A multicultural city.
  • Historical universities date back to medieval times and the Age of Enlightenment.
  • Progressive universities with good places in international rankings.
  • Uncostly living for exchange students.

Istanbul is a city of opportunities in which anyone can find something suitable for themselves. These opportunities include those who would like to devote their lives to research and knowledge. There is a total of 57 universities in Istanbul, and the ones that offer Ph.D. programs are waiting for those who are willing to take the title of doctor. As Istanbul is a multicultural city, the subjects of the Ph.D. programs can be viewed even in the city’s everyday life. You can choose to excel in humanities or computer sciences, be in close touch with people or jump directly to spreading your knowledge as a Ph.D. after your graduation, for Istanbul is able to support any research, thanks to the multicultural fabric of the metropolis and its distinguished universities.

Frequently Asked Question

How many universities are in Istanbul?
There are 57 universities in Istanbul, and 13 of these universities are public.
What subjects are offered in Ph.D. in Istanbul universities?
There are many universities in the city that are suitable for anyone who would like to have their higher education in Istanbul to the subjects of their liking. Many universities offer MA and MSc programs, varying from the subjects of humanities like literature to the applied sciences like mathematics.
Is it costly for students to study in Istanbul?
Istanbul can be a costly city, but exchange students would not have to go beyond their ways to sustain a life in Istanbul due to the country’s inflation rate and the condition of the international exchange rate.