The city has 57 universities in total, and most of these universities offer education and master’s degrees for international students who would like to continue their higher education in Istanbul. 13 of these universities are public universities that are affiliated with the government, and the rest are private universities. Regardless of their foundations whether they are public or private, many of these universities offer scholarships for master’s degree students in Istanbul, in various subjects. The subjects of master's degrees consist of almost all aspects of life as you may choose to start your master of arts degree in humanities or complete your higher education as a master of science in applied sciences.

The prices of universities’ tuition for master’s degrees are relatively cheaper in Turkey than that in other countries, but the quality of the schools that offer master’s degrees speak for themselves as some of these universities have very high positions in the international rankings of universities. While the conditions for getting higher education in Istanbul are quite good, the city proves to be a good place for international students and their living conditions. The city has a multicultural fabric of life, and the prices of the city come as suitable for international students because of the international exchange rate.


  • Various degrees in English.
  • A multicultural city.
  • Historical universities date back to medieval times and the Age of Enlightenment.
  • Progressive universities with good places in international rankings.
  • ·Uncostly living for exchange students.

Istanbul is a city that catches the eyes of its beholders the moment they lay eyes on it. It is a number one tourist destination for the fact that it has a rich history and it is the meeting point of European culture with Eastern cultures. While it is such a good place for visiting, Istanbul is also a good place for those who would like to continue their life of education. The city has 57 universities in total, and most of these universities offer education and master’s degrees for international students who would like to continue their higher education in Istanbul. 

The benefits of having a master’s degree in Istanbul seem to be countless, but some of these benefits that come to mind are concerned with the quality of the given education and the fees of these universities that offer master’s degrees. Each university in Istanbul is in a race of being the best, encouraging each other to improve their methods in this way. The universities apply to international rankings to show their qualities, and it is seen that their achievements talk for themselves in those rankings. As many great things do, the master’s degrees offered by these qualified universities come with fees. However, education in Istanbul is relatively easy since most of these universities not only offer scholarships, they also present the students with opportunities like being employed by the university as a researcher

Frequently Asked Question

How many universities are in Istanbul?
There are 57 universities in Istanbul, and 13 of these universities are public.
What subjects are offered in master’s degrees in Istanbul universities?
There are many universities in the city that are suitable for anyone who would like to have their higher education in Istanbul to the subjects of their liking. Many universities offer MA and MSc programs, varying from the subjects of humanities like literature to the applied sciences like mathematics.
Is it costly for students to study in Istanbul?
Istanbul can be a costly city, but exchange students would not have to go beyond their ways to sustain a life in Istanbul due to the country’s inflation rate and the condition of the international exchange rate.