The governmental dormitories have at least 3 roommates in one room, and the bathroom is generally shared by the whole floor. There are meal services in governmental dormitories 3 times a day, and there are markets and such establishments within the dormitory premises. Other types of dormitories generally consist of rooms that are shared by 2 students with bathrooms inside the room. Private dorms are the most expensive choice in deciding on the accommodation places, and the dorms offered by the universities on their campuses make the wisest choice. 

Non-governmental dorms may offer single-person rooms for those who value their privacy greatly, but the price of the rooms increases as the number of roommates decreases. Other advantages of staying in a dorm are security, cleaning services, washing and drying machines, study halls, and the opportunity to have a great network with the other residents of the dorm. 

Dorms are generally built on the routes of public transportation if they are not within walking distance of the universities. The greater percentage of the dorms are separated in accordance with sex, but there are also dorms that have all their students on the same premises, especially the dormitories on campuses.


  • Cheaper than homes.
  • Services like security, cleaning, etc.
  • A chance of networking.
  • Close to school or have easy ways of commuting.
  • Unlimited internet, electricity, how water.

Dormitories are associated with the university experience as everyone staying in a dorm is a peer. In an expensive and complex city like Istanbul, dorms shine like lights of hope as they not only offer cheaper accommodation, but also unlimited services like security, cleaning, internet, etc. There are 3 types of dormitories in Istanbul: governmental, private, and the dorms of the universities. The cheapest choice of the dormitory is surely the governmental dorms that offer not only accommodation but also meal services. 

As opposed to the governmental dorms, dorms within campuses that belong to the university offer a chance to live a campus life. Nonetheless, staying in a dorm offers many opportunities like fruitful networks, lasting friendships, and a secure feeling at night. You can live by yourself in a non-governmental dormitory, or have many roommates for a full dormitory experience. The number of roommates determines the price of the dormitory, but living in a dorm is cheaper than staying in a house regardless

Frequently Asked Question

Do universities offer accommodation services to international students?
Yes, most universities have their own campuses and dormitories that belong to the university.
Can an international student stay in a governmental dormitory?
Governmental dormitory applications take place once a year, and international students can apply for accommodation as well. However, international students need Turkish identity numbers for their applications.
How many roommates can I have?
The number of roommates is generally in accordance with the wishes of the student. The student can be by themselves in a nongovernmental dormitory or have a roommate, but the number of students in a governmental dormitory is at least 3.
Is it expensive to stay in a dormitory?
The prices of dormitories are way cheaper than the prices on the rental house market. An international student can find accommodation in a dormitory at prices starting from 50€.