The conditions of the apartments improve as the rent increases in addition to the better locations. It is common to have flatmates in Istanbul in order to be able to afford a good place in the city center, and the custom goes for international students too. You can see many ads looking for a foreign flatmate or students who rent their rooms. The prices go lower this way, but as it is indicated before, accommodation is expensive in Istanbul. There are luxurious apartments with +3 rooms on the European side for prices like 2000€, but you can find a good place to stay with a budget of 1000€ with a good market study.


  • Full city experience.
  • Chance to use the ferry on a daily basis.
  • No curfew in a private home as in dorms.
  • Demand for foreign flatmates.
  • Chance to find great deals in the rental house market.

 Istanbul is a dream come true for visiting. It is furnished with history and energy from head to toe, and you can easily have a life there. It is a city of 15 million people, and the number of people has an effect on the housing market, unfortunately. Regardless, you can rent an apartment with a budget of your own decision. You need to start by deciding on the location of your house as the city is divided by the Bosporus. You can choose the Anatolian side for cheaper rents or choose the European side for a bit more expensive but lively locations. 

An Anatolian side is also an active place of fun in Istanbul, but the universities and entertainment venues, as well as tourist attractions, are generally on the European side. However, it is best to choose the location according to your place of work or the university you are going to attend. With a budget of around 1000€, you can enjoy a good apartment on either of the sides. No matter which continent you choose, you can always use the ferry for a commute to be mesmerized by the Bosporus, or go over your budget to rent a house with a view of the Bosporus

Frequently Asked Question

Is it expensive to rent a house in Istanbul?
Istanbul is a crowded city, which is why the demand for houses increases the rent in the housing market. While you can find houses for about 500€, the quality of the houses and their locations increase in direct relation to the rent.
Which region of Istanbul is a good place to live?
Istanbul is divided into 2 by the Bosporus. The Anatolian side of Istanbul is cheaper and quieter, but the European side is more energetic and more expensive. Nonetheless, the prices are close to each other, so the location of your house should be based on your occupation in Istanbul.
Can I have a flatmate if I rent a house?
It is common for students and working single people to have flatmates in Istanbul, and the rental house ads are full of those who are looking for a flatmate to rent their rooms.