The number of students studying at Istanbul University is almost 70,000, and the university has shown that it is capable of educating so many people with such quality as it was ranked number one more than once in Turkey. There have been two notable alumni of Istanbul University who were awarded Nobel Prizes in literature and chemistry. The university is also inclined to offer its education to international students as it has many people from around the world as its students. Currently, Istanbul University offers 25 programs for an associate’s degree, 133 programs for undergraduate degrees, 355 programs for the master’s degree, and lastly 220 programs for a Ph.D. degree. 

Most universities don’t have as many programs as Istanbul University does, but they still offer multiple programs for the four programs of higher education. The statistics of universities are calculated by the Council of Higher Education in Turkey, and they show that there were 224,053 international students in Turkey in 2021. The charts on the official site of the council show that the number of students, whether from Turkey or international, has been increasing through the years. 


  • 13 public and 44 private universities in Istanbul.
  • Multiple universities with many options in degree offering programs. 
  • An increasing number of international students.
  • Universities with high places in international rankings.
  • Universities that can manage thousands of students.

The numbers don’t lie, come see the quality of universities in Istanbul for yourself!

Istanbul is a city that offers its visitors many great things changing from history to culture. One of the things that it offers is a good education in a highly regarded university. The city is the house of 57 universities, 13 of which are public. As the country has a governmental body that oversees higher education, these universities directly show that they have the quality to be established. Moreover, these universities show remarkable places in international lists of universities that show their capabilities and successes. Since most of these universities end up with such good places in international areas, their fame exceeds the borders of the country and they open their doors to international students. In 2021, the Council of Higher Education stated that there were 224,053 international students in the country. 

The universities in Istanbul continue to accept students from other countries to strengthen the bonds with nations through science and education. The success in their careers makes the universities broaden their fields of study. Istanbul University, for example, offers many programs to study in all four types of degree programs. The university is exceptional in offering such great opportunities, but this doesn’t mean that other universities are behind it. Come and see the quality of these universities through their achievements for yourself

Frequently Asked Question

How many universities are there in Istanbul?
Istanbul has 57 universities.
Is Turkey a good choice for international students for their higher education?
Turkey has many great universities with remarkable scores worldwide. The number of international students was 224,053 in 2021 according to the Council of Higher Education in Turkey, and the numbers are increasing.
Are the programs in the universities in Istanbul inclusive to all?
There are 57 universities in Istanbul, offering various degrees. Even one of these universities offers hundreds of different programs for all four types of higher education programs.