İstanbul is a city where you can experience various fascinating moments. From wandering in extraordinary history to taking a bite of the region's composite food culture… We are pretty sure that you can live your best version of İstanbul as a collector in Feriköy Antique Market. And if you love to add some records to your collection, the Feriköy Antique Market is just for you. Feriköy Antique Market was established in 2009 in Şişli/İstanbul. The market, also known as the Bomonti antique market, is open every Sunday between 9 AM and 6 PM with more than 450 stalls. In the market, you can find a record of your favorite artist or a medal from World War I. The range of products is really astonishing. Lots of collectible items are waiting for their new owners. 

History of the Feriköy Antique Market

The Marketplace has been allocated for antique dealers for more than a decade. It became a crowded meeting place for fellow antique collectors from Turkey and all around the world in a couple of years. A really interesting part of the historical bazaar is that the bazaar itself is pretty new, but the things inside of it are at least 30 years old. The situation is entirely different from the Grand Bazaar, which is another historical bazaar of Istanbul that has been functioning since 1455. With this difference, Feriköy Antique Market gives a new meaning to the definition of the historical bazaar.

History of the Neighborhood

Another interesting fact about Feriköy Antique Market is the district it is located in. We mentioned the fact that the marketplace's other name is Bomonti Antique Market. Bomonti is the neighborhood's name; it takes its name from a brewery that was established in 1890.

The people of Feriköy at the time were the Levantines, Armenians, and Georgians who lost their houses after the massive fire that took place in Beyoğlu in 1870. Because of that, the district consisted of just a couple of randomly placed houses all around the area. After the brewery construction, the locals started to call their neighborhood Bomonti. This was because the majestic brewery could be seen from every corner of the region.

Shopping at Feriköy Antique Market

Shopping in Istanbul is another primary activity to experience Istanbul besides visiting palaces, and groves, and eating delicate food. In this city where you can establish friendly relations with almost every seller, there is one good place to buy a drawer from the 30s, and it is the Feriköy Antique Market. Buying a carpet or even looking at a carpet from outside the shop would cost you around 4 cups of tea and a friendship with a carpet merchant.


One of the most found items at Feriköy Antique Market is toys. Almost any toy you want is there. It is possible to find your childhood toys or your grandmother's childhood in Feriköy Antique Market, which has more than 450 stalls. From various figures that have not been taken out of their boxes to rag dolls, from Turkish versions of Martine series children's books that have been well preserved in their packages to tin soldiers, await their new owners in this market. It's hard not to connect with your childhood here.

Rusty metals in many forms 

Don't mind what we call rusty. There are some well-preserved old works among them. Coins, weapons, swords, statues, radios, gramophones, and even old projectors. These are just a few items in that vast sea of metal. It's actually a collector's heaven. Do you want to discover Istanbul? If your answer is yes, you should start discovering Istanbul with an old handmade pitcher or candlestick from the 18-19th century. Each of the embroideries on them is a tattoo that reflects the spirit of Istanbul. It's hard to look at the typewriters over there and not be swept away by the black-and-white magic of the 50s. 

Every aspect of art is here

In the Feriköy Antique Market, hundreds of works of art shine with great pride among thousands of products. Various products from all branches of art such as music, sculpture, cinema, photography, and painting from Turkish and world history are available in the Feriköy Antique Market. If you are really into Turkish music, you must discover Istanbul from this bazaar. From the 50s to the 90s, 50 years of collections are there, from gramophone records to tapes. Turkish folk music, Anatolian rock, psychedelic rock, early rap and pop, and many more genres…


Shopping in Istanbul generally has a reasonable price compared to other famous cities. We can include the Feriköy Antique Market in that too. Because the price range is really wide. In this historical bazaar, you can start to spend from 5 dollars up to 10.000 dollars. Of course, the pricing factors are the same all around the world. Rarement, age of the product, condition of the product, the reputation of the product are the main reasons for pricing. As a serious collector or an ordinary tourist, you can find some beautiful items for your collections. We think you should discover Istanbul with a memory from the past.

How can I go to the Feriköy Antique Market?

It's actually pretty simple to go there. You just need to follow these couple of steps:

  • Take the M2 Osmanbey metro Rumeli exit.

  • Take a left at the first lights in the direction of Şişli Mosque.

  • When you see Şişli Police Station, enter the street next to it.

  • It is located on the two rear parallels of Kazım Orbay Street, which cuts the street at the end of the road.

Public transportation

  • By bus: 252, 30A, 38KT, 66, 70FE, DT1

  • By metro: M2

We hope you have a wonderful experience shopping in Istanbul Feriköy Antique Market.

Frequently Asked Question

Which day is Feriköy Antique Market open in 2022?
Ferikoy Antique Market is open every Sunday in 2022.
What are the working hours of Ferikoy Antique Bazaar?
You can visit Ferikoy Antique Bazaar, which is set up on Sundays, between 9 AM and 6 PM.
What can I find in Ferikoy Antique Bazaar
You can find many items from antique spoons, glasses, and toys to carpets, records, and clothes. You'll be amazed by the different things you see.