Top Shopping Malls

There are many shopping malls in Istanbul. Some are huge with hundreds of brands and some are only with limited brands for luxury shopping. Read More

Every person who comes to Turkey for tourist purposes may want to shop. Since Istanbul is a lively corner of the world as well as fashion, there are shopping centers in the city with many different concepts and various brands. Shopping in Istanbul is to be never dull for anyone, thanks to the variety of malls and shops all over the city.

Today, we will look at the top shopping malls in Istanbul. Turkish people, especially those living in Istanbul, have been accustomed to shopping at large shopping malls for several years because it definitely easier to shop under one roof without spending hours browsing products of every brand in such a busy city. Shopping centers have even become such that they have been built in almost every neighborhood in the city, and new ones are still being built.  Here are the best shopping malls for you to enjoy and shop conveniently.