Istanbul has always been an apple of our eyes for a long time in terms of its offerings to its visitors and locals; its remarkable history, culture, marvelous architecture, multicultural structure… These all are essential parts of Istanbul. Furthermore, shopping centers in Istanbul are famous. If you are looking for anything, it's very likely to be found in Istanbul. If you know which shopping malls you should visit, you can find famous worldwide brands and local ones! Here are the lists of the best malls in Istanbul! Remember to enter the malls, you need to pass the security checkpoints. 

  • Zorlu Center, which is located in Beşiktaş, is one of the famous malls in Istanbul. If it's your shopping day, you are highly recommended to visit Zorlu Centre! It's home to 180 different stores. In addition, it consists of a center for performance art, a residence, and a 5-star hotel. You can also find international restaurants such as Eataly, Jamie's Italian, and Tom's Kitchen. If you would like to try Turkish cuisine, you can also go to local restaurants. You can catch activities at Zorlu Performing Arts Center, which has a capacity of 3500 people. When you are done in this mall, you can go for cultural activities in Beşiktaş, where Dolmabahçe Palace is located. 

  • İstinye Park, one of the first malls in Istanbul, is located in Sarıyer. After showing your HES code to security, you can spend your hours in this great mall! You can find world-famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Channel, Hermes, and Dior... in İstinye Park as well. If you want to have something to eat, you can have your best lunch or dinner in the international cuisine of İstinye Park Mall.

  • Cevahir Mall in Şişli-Mecidiyeköy is another famous shopping mall in Istanbul. The most significant advantage of this mall is that it is very close to the subway, bus stops, and Metrobus! Furthermore, Cevahir mall allows you to shop in the best stores, and eat upstairs! 

  • City's Nişantaşı, located in Nişantaşı, is also another well-known shopping mall in this area. The massive building of the City's Nişantaşı cannot be ignored! Enjoy it! It's one of the best places to visit and shop.

  • The Mall of Istanbul is surely one of the biggest malls in Istanbul; the Mall of Istanbul has been chosen to be the best mall in the world! With 350 stores in it, the Mall of Istanbul presents its visitors with shopping, culture and art, and entertainment! You can have your best time in the biggest "closed" amusement park in Europe MOİPARK, the biggest cinema building in Turkey, Cinetech, and you can experience MOİ Stage, where Turkish and world theater works are exhibited; concerts by successful artists meet with art-lovers! 

  • Trump Mall is another mall located in the city center of Istanbul. It does not have as many stores and shops as Zorlu Center and the others, however, it's a good mall to spend time shopping or going to the cinema. You can visit its cafes at the top of the mall and hang out with your friends!

  • Forum Istanbul is also one of the well-visited malls in Istanbul. It's located in Bayrampaşa; there, you can find any store you need! It's also close to Pierre Loti, the hill where you can have one of the best sights of Istanbul! After shopping, you must visit Pierre Loti, have Turkish Coffee, and enjoy the unique scenery of the city!

Local Shopping Centers in Istanbul

How about shopping in the street? İstiklal Street, one of the most popular places and the best places to visit in Istanbul, is full of so many shopping stores which are local and international! Throughout the street, you can encounter different kinds of stores where you want to go in and see what you can have! If you are looking for wallet-friendly stuff, you can visit passages in İstiklal for your shopping! 

If you are looking for charms that will remind you of your travels in Istanbul, you can visit the stores beside Galata Tower, and get yourself and your best friend a charm that makes you remember Istanbul all the time! İstiklal is the best place to do it! After shopping in İstiklal, you can visit Galata Tower, hear the tale of it, catch the beautiful view from there and take peerless photos of yourself and the city.

The Oldest Shopping Centre of Istanbul: Grand Bazaar

How about shopping and making a cultural trip at the same time? Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is the best place to visit; Grand Bazaar was constructed under Fatih Sultan Mehmed, the Ottoman Sultan, and the conqueror of Istanbul! Being a historical arcade, Grand Bazaar is surrounded by many shops covered with roofs and domes.

It was initially a trade hub for textiles and other trade goods in Ottoman times. Now it's the most visited spot in Istanbul for shopping. If you are into traditional objects or belongings, you must visit the Grand Bazaar. The authentic stores which display hand-woven Turkish rugs, and fine jewelry stores where you can find precious stones, and leather goods are all in Grand Bazaar! It's a vast place, so you should try Turkish food in Grand Bazaar if you get hungry!

Located in the Fatih district, one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul, Grand Bazaar offers you authentic shopping and informs you about Turkish culture. It's also close to another shopping center of Istanbul, Mısır Çarşısı (Spice Market of Istanbul), where you can learn more history about Istanbul and shop! You can also walk around the Beyazıt area and explore; The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and many other things that are waiting to be discovered! 

Frequently Asked Question

What is the famous shopping center in Istanbul?
The Grand Bazaar
Is Istanbul good for shopping?
Istanbul, as the cultural and fashion capital of Turkey, is very good for shopping.
Is luxury shopping cheaper in Istanbul?
When compared to most European countries, luxury shopping is slightly cheaper in Istanbul.
What is the largest mall in Istanbul?
Forum Istanbul is the largest mall in Istanbul.
Are clothes cheaper in Turkey?
Branded clothes are relatively cheaper in Istanbul.